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Pivot East, a startup pitching competition in East Africa
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See the announcement here:

The World needs science...Science needs women

For the first time in 2009 the For Women in Science Programme is launching of the L’Oréal-UNESCO Regional fellowships "For Women in Science" in Sub-Sahara Africa to assist women scientists in Sub-Saharan to realize important scientific research in all fields of science, engineering and technology. This fellowship is open to all women citizens and permanent residents from Sub-Saharan African countries.
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Cape Town, 6 January 2012

Leading mathematicians in the application of mathematics in industry are currently participating in the 9th Mathematics in Industry Study Group being held at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) from Monday 9 January to Friday 13 January. At this five day workshop, academic researchers and graduate students work collaboratively on problems submitted by local industry. This workshop is preceeded by a 4 day graduate workshop where the problems are introduced and studied prior to the event.

This year the 8 problems being explored cover issues relating to acid mine drainage, problems in the refinement of sugar cane, the operation of autonomous robots, and injuries in sport. Members of the CSIR's Mobile Intelligent Autonomous Systems group will present problems relating to robots operating in dynamic and unstructured environments e.g. nuclear power stations and deep level mines. In these circumstances, they frequently require knowledge of the motion of surrounding objects to be able to plan their paths. Algorithms which enable them to track pedestrians, vehicles and other autonomous agents are crucial for their success.

Physiotherapist Sandy Attridge and sports scientist and swim coach Heather Morris -Eyton are presenting a problem experienced in swimming sports where participants regularly sustain injuries to the ankle, knee and hip joints after using wide swim fins. The study group will investigate the effects of the forces generated by the fins on the various joints to help determine the optimum fin width and stiffness.

The Mathematics in Industry Study Group is also being attended by Dr Hilary Ockendon, Oxford University, who initiated the first such study group in the 1960s and Prof Colin Please of the University of Southampton, an expert in the modelling of industrial problems in continuum mechanics, as well as Dr Neville Fowkes of Australia who will also be lecturing a course on industrial modeling for the AIMS students.


About the Mathematics in Industry Study Group

The Mathematics in Industry Study Group is a five-day workshop at which academic researchers and graduate students work collaboratively with representatives from industry on research problems submitted by local industry.

The problems are presented by the Industry Representatives on Monday Morning. The academic researchers and graduate students then split into small study groups and work on the problems of their choice. There is a report back session to Industry on Friday morning at which the results which were obtained are presented. Work on the problems continues in the months after the Study Group meeting and a full technical report on each problem is published in the Proceedings later in the year. Study Groups have been organized for over forty years in many countries around the world. The first Study Group in South Africa was held in 2004.

Further information can be found on the workshop's website at

About the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)

AIMS was established in 2003 as a partnership project of the following 6 universities: Cambridge,Cape Town, Paris Sud XI, Stellenbosch, and Western Cape. Every year between 50 and 55 students graduate from AIMS with a Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematical Sciences.

Contact information

Journalists are invited to visit AIMS to observe the study group in action on Wednesday 11th of January.
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Opportunities in France centralised on this website. Thank you Doriano Pugaza for the link! - the site exists also in English
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Cool Google events in Africa: g|Tanzania and g|ethiopia coming up - sign up now, these are really cool events and opportunities for learning, networking and perhaps ideas to start a business?
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The Public Library of Science (PLoS) include science blogs as best they can in their article ranking system:
PLoS ONE: an inclusive, peer-reviewed, open-access resource from the PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SCIENCE. Reports of well-performed scientific studies from all disciplines freely available to the whole world.
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Students: If you're looking for a careers, go for data science! It's maths and it's the future.
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Unlocking the scientific potential of Africa
The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) was founded in Cape Town, South Africa in 2003 as a pan-African center for post-graduate training and research providing advanced, broadly applicable mathematical skills to talented students recruited from all over Africa. Operating as a partnership between African and international universities, AIMS provides an innovative and relevant curriculum within an exceptional 24-hour learning environment. Outstanding international and African lecturers teach three week courses, leveraging the expertise and goodwill of the top  academics from around the world.

AIMS is already making a big difference: since 2003, 360 students – 30% of them women – from 32 African countries have graduated from AIMS-South Africa. Over 95% have gone onto Masters or PhD degrees at excellent universities in Africa and abroad. AIMS graduates are now strengthening African universities, research centers, government and industry. For example, many of the mathematics lecturers at the Universities of Zambia and Khartoum are AIMS graduates and are now in turn educating hundreds of students each year.

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