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We all want life 
to be simple, 

But the truth is 
nothing about 
life is simple; 

We are always 
and finding, 

Until it is our time 
to leave this world.

Take Care...
Good Morning..!!<$añ>

When We Are Angry
We Can Change Decision But Not Feelings...

The Changed Decision
May Give Satisfaction
At That Time...

But Later It Hurts Our
Feelings A Lot ...

Take Care...
Good Morning..!! <$añ>

When you are alone..

Don't think of those
Who are not with you..

But think of those
Who always wants to be with you-:)

Take Care...
Good Morning..!! <$añ>

Relations does'nt break by going far...

Neither does it grow by staying close...

It's pretty complex to understand,

Yet so simple when we keep in touch...

Take Care...
Good Morning..!! <$añ>

Understanding Is Much Deeper than Knowledge...

There are Many People Who Know Us,

But Very Few Who Truly Understand Us.

Take Care...
Good Morning..!! <$añ>

There's nothng Good or Bad in ths world,

But our Thinking makes it so
What people call "Suffocation" in a bus,

Becomes "Atmosphere" in a Disco !..

Take Care...
Good Morning..!! <$añ>

One of the biggest problems that money creates is,

You never know whether you are loved

Or your money is being Respected.!!

Take Care..
Gud Morning.!<$añ>

Why do we need A close friend when we have so many friends around us.

Air is everywhere but we still need a fan to feel it...!!

Take Care
Gud Morning.!<$añ>
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