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Agnes Matinag
♫♪GOD is good!!♪♫
♫♪GOD is good!!♪♫

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Hi everyone-
First of, I want to thank all for having me here as a member of this War Room Community. I truly believe that prayer is a powerful thing and can also change people's lives. And so I am glad and honor to be part of this prayer group. Secondly, I must apologized for not being a faithful member ever since I become a member of this community. For this, I apologize. However, I seek for your prayers. I was going through tough times lately and I can see myself slowly drifting away in my relationship with Jesus...I have a lot going on right now that I loose focus and not know where to begin. I am humbly asking for your prayers for guidance, courage to keep fighting and not loose Hope.

Thank you so much! God bless each and everyone of you ♥

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Taareb ea red-horse ma yibe blank....gafgow balyang :) +C Chunie 

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Dear Lord in Heaven, . . .
~ DK +Dulce Karamelo 

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Motivational speaker- "Something More" here is Nick Vujicic!

Christians, above all others, are people of the long view, the long purpose, and the long plan. They plan how to live today, how to live tomorrow, how to live forever. And they plan this for all people, for they have not only the long view, they have also the wide view. They think in terms of the world as a whole.

~ E. Stanley Jones

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These days I think i shed more tears than words....Praise God for every tear drops counts.

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