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Achievement unlocked: the claw.

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I agree that its frustrating when stars sit, especially for premier, national TV games, but I totally disagree with the author. The way to fix this is to have fewer back to back games, especially at the end of a road trip (Warriors). The season starts earlier next year, which should make a noticeable difference here. I also think the league can be a little more clever with scheduling, like having teams play back to backs at home only, or at least the 2nd game of a back to back at home.

Because of the increased injury risk, there's no fine big enough that will incentivize teams to risk their players' well beings. Losing your best player for the season is very expensive, both in terms of money (lost revenue from playoffs), and in terms of opportunity (lost chance at a ring).

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Great analysis by coach Nick, as always. I gotta believe all the time on the road the last two weeks hasn't helped. Combine fatigue with an injury to your best player and no opportunity to practice, it's not hard to understand why the team is slumping.

The Warriors have an incredibly favorable schedule the rest of the way, with lots of time at home. Time to rest, get dialed in, and make adjustments. I'm confident the shooting of both Steph and Klay will be fine.

The thing that worries me most about this team is Draymond's shooting. Teams are going to leave him open in the playoffs, can he start hitting shots? If not, what is the adjustment? I like the dialed up aggression with his drives, and Iguodala's more active play will help, but this is a red flag.

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Awesome quick hitter of a really cool looking problem. So many moves on that little rig!

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Achievement unlocked: stand-up tire swing.

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Some new tricks at the playground.

Sit on the rail, up the slide, hang on the bar.
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Speaking of weight loss, maybe Boogie can read this article and get motivated. What would he look like if he lost 40 pounds?

James Johnson is looking like a whole new basketball player, running the offense, creating for others, finishing, being a constant threat. One big thing that isn't obvious is Johnson's ability to recover from mistakes. Either on the ball or on defense, Johnson is quick enough to recover from mishandles or to help on defense. These types of plays add up over the course of a game.

The Heat are playing way above their talent level, and they are fun to watch! I'm not sure Cleveland is going to go into the playoffs with the 1 seed, but a first round Miami/Cleveland matchup would be very fun!

Here's a clip of Johnson from two years ago:

Its lots of finishing in space created by DeRozan and Lowry, some spot up wide open j's. There are some defensive highlights, but I don't see the recovery/help kind of plays.

Compare to this clip from February this year:

Johnson is great running and creating offense for others. He can see over the defense and his passing is looking pretty accurate.

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This isn't good. What can make Boogie a better fit?

* better focus on defense
* more effort on offense
* better body composition
* better consistency on his jump shot (footwork and balance)

These are things that veterans don't usually improve on. I could see Boogie signing with the Lakers in summer of 2018. Not sure where that leaves New Orleans or Anthony Davis. If I'm Jrue Holliday I seriously consider max offers from teams this summer.

Trade deadline early grades:

spoiler alert: the Kings side of the Boogie trade is looking quite a bit better today than it did when it went down.

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I'm working through some awesome podcasts put up lately by Zach Lowe, who is/was at the Sloan MIT Sports Analytics Conference. If you are an NBA nerd, you love these!

Follow Zach on Twitter:

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Tons of great problems from one of the best climbing video producers!
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