What I Watched Last Week:
Personal Shopper (Netflix)
I was excited to see this pychological horror pop up on Netflix, following some great reviews on release. I'd like to watch it again, but on a first watch, I was impressed by this intelligent tale that refuses to settle on easy explanations.

Kristen Stewart plays a young woman whose brother recently died. The two share a congenital heart condition, and may share a degree of sensitivity to the spirit world. She takes a job as a personal shopper, waiting for her brother to send her some sign of his spirit's survival into the next world. What I liked most about this film, I think, is the way it emphasises the distance between her and her employer (communicating only by text, or notes), and between her and the other people in the film, echoing her desperate need to connect with her brother. There's also a Babadook like meditation on grief, and its ill effects, although Personal Shopper refuses to give as easy an answer as the Babadook. More art film than pulse pounding terror, but very good.

Star Trek: Discovery (Netflix)
The episodes after Discovery's season break just get better and better - we are evidently being set up for a pretty special finale.

Psychoville (Netflix)
Another League of Gentlemen sub project, and one closer to the League in tone. I like it better though, a starry cast, and a definite through line through the episodes make it a better watch, in my opinion.

The Mash Report (iPlayer)
Back for a Winter season, of hopefully more than four episodes this time, the Nish Kumar fronted Daily Mash outing returns with a strong first episode. If you're a fan of the Bugle podcast, you'll know what to expect from Kumar's bits, but there's a strong supporting cast too, along with nice little snippets from the Mash itself.

Killjoys (s1, Netflix)
Having had chance to watch a few episodes at once, I've warmed to Killjoys, and am looking forward to the next season.

I'm also still watching Spiral s6 (excellent)
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