What I Watched Last Week, when not being annoyed by Wales being denied what seemed to be a fairly obvious try, again.

iZombie (Netflix)
It's back! The fun series about undead crime detection returns, along with its terrible pun character names. An enjoyable first episode, with Liv taking on the personality of a particularly cranky old lady, and the impact of the revelation of the existence of zombies beginning to take effect. Should be an interesting season!

Troy: Fall of a City (iPlayer)
Try as I might, I couldn't get into this at all. I've watched two episodes, and intend to give the third a try, but not at the top of my viewing list.

Deadpool (Netflix)
Ribald, extremely violent comic book anti-hero film. An odd one this, because the ultra realistic violence (if you've ever wondered what the effect of super strength on the puny human body would be, Deadpool leaves little to the imagination) isn't given any kind of Hanneke-esque finger wagging; in a way, it just exists as part of this world. Which left me wondering what was the irresponsible guilty pleasure here? Deadpool, in which the effect of flipping a car, punching someone across a room &c is graphically illustrated, or the more usual superhero fare in which the antagonists emerge shaking their heads groggily, but otherwise unharmed? Confounding this judgement is the fact that the film is snappy, well written, funny, and pretty good fun throughout, with well judged in jokes and fourth wall breaking.

I should also add that Gina Carano pops up in a similar role to that she played in the Fast and Furious franchise, and is typically excellent, bringing a bone crunching realism even to this in her fight scenes.

I'm still watching, but don't have much more to say about Zone Blanche (Prime), The Looming Tower (Prime), Lucifer (Prime), Designated Survivor (Netflix)
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