What I Watched in the Last Quite a Long Time

Cargo (Netflix)

Surprisingly affecting post zombie apocalypse thriller, with an excellent Martin Freeman. It's hard to summarise the plot without too many spoilers, but Freeman has to find someone to take care of his baby daughter within a short timescale. He encounters various peple who turn out to be unsuitable in different ways, and plays his role with a sort of quiet desperation that is brilliant. Definitely worth catching.

Here Alone (Netflix)

Oh, you like zombies? Here are zombies. Another movie taking the zombie apocalypse as a cue to explore relationships between the survivors, if more concentrated on a particular group. I thought this was good as well, although Cargo is better,

Star Trek: Beyond (Prime)

Big budget sci-fi action. Chris Pine is as good as ever, but the film isn't particularly memorable.

The Death of Stalin (Prime)
Jet black comedy set in the time immediately following Stalin's death. The manoeuvering of his subordinates provides most of the horror and comedy, with their incompetence, venality and fear of "the boss" producing some absurd situations. Good performances all round, but Steve Buscemi is excellent, as is a scene stealing Jason Isaacs as Zhukov.

Wind River (Netflix)

A by the numbers thriller elevated by its cast and setting (which is spectacularly shot). Mis-sold (if I remember correctly) by the studio as an action film, it's much more of a crime thriller, and works well in that frame.

The Limehouse Golem (Netflix)

Another crime thriller, this time a period piece, with Bill Nighy playing Bill Nighy, and a great supporting cast. Nighy is appointed to track down the eponymous killer, and in the process of doing so, becomes infatuated with the wife of one of the prime suspects. The plot twists and turns in a satisfying way, and I rather liked this.

Paddington 2 (Prime)

Just added to the Amazon service at no extra charge to subscribers, this is every bit as glorious and life affirming as reviewers have said - and bloody funny a lot of the time too. Recommended enthusiastically.
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