What I Watched Over the Last Fortnight or So - TV

Detectorists S3 Finale (iPlayer), S2 "Christmas Special" (Netflix)
A lovely end to series 3, and possibly, if Mackenzie Crook is to be believed, to Detectorists in its entirety. Detectorists is English in a very specific way - a certain love of landscape, an immersion in hobbies that others might find odd, and a tolerance of people living their own lives (one of the final scenes in the field, as we see the Detectorists working en masse highlights this). It helps, of course, that it's very funny as well.

Steven Universe (Prime)
A fun little cartoon series, of which there are three seasons available at no extra charge to Prime subscribers. Some decent jokes, and a very catchy theme tune indeed.

The Sinner (Netflix)
Finished this crime serial, and found myself, mostly, pretty impressed. Bill Pulman and Jessica Biel are great throughout, and the loose ends are tied up in a satisfying way.

Doctor Who Christmas Special (iPlayer)
An enjoyable swansong for Peter Capaldi's Doctor, who got a shorter run than he deserved, I think. I'm excited to see where the next season takes us.

I'm still watching Peaky Blinders, and am trying to watch The League of Gentlemen - struggling with the latter, as it just seems to be (to me) a parade of grotesques. I'm also pleased to see that "Creeped Out!" the BBC's YA horror series will be returning for more episodes.
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