What I Watched in the Last I Have Completely Lost Track of Time because of the Holidays - Television

Inside Number 9 (iPlayer & Netflix)
I skipped these when they were first broadcast, because of not really being a fan of The League of Gentlemen, assuming that these would be a similar parade of grotesques. However, this is a subtler anthology horror series, with a slight "Tales of the Unexpected" feel. I really like the episodes that are formally inventive, for instance, the most recent one (s4 e1) which is done in rhyming couplets, or the season three episdoe "The Devil at Christmas" which is filmed in the manner of a '70s tv film, complete with apparent film to video transitions in the stock! The story telling, and guest stars are top notch too.

Black Mirror (s4)
Another strong series of this, with Netflix' money clearly paying off in the larger canvas given the episodes scope and effects. I found that I liked the most widely disliked episode in this season (Metalhead) for it's unusual lack of exposition, and willingness to let the viewer conjure the back story to the scenario. This season also hints at a "Black Mirror Universe" (the suggestion that at least some of the episodes take place in the same continuity) which I hope they don't tie themselves in knots trying to stick to.

Romesh Ranganathan - Irrational (iPlayer)
Comedy is, of course, very subjective, but I enjoyed this, and am glad to see the BBC putting up comedy "Specials" for British standups in the same way that the US networks do for American stars.

The League of Gentlemen - Anniversary Specials (iPlayer)
Watched to see whether I "get" the League of Gentlemen now - as a result, I think I missed some of the in jokes, but whether comedy has moved on or I have, I found this ok.

Spiral / Engresnages 6 (iPlayer)
They're back! I love Spiral, and season 6 has what you'd expect, Gilou on the edge of legality, Berthaud bending the rules to keep her team involved in this season's investigation and "enjoying" a chaotic homelife. If you liked previous seasons, you'll like this. If you like Police procedurals on the hardboiled side, you'll like this.

Deep Water (iPlayer)
Australian police procedural about a small town cop who moves to Sydney, and uncovers what appears to be a gang targeting gay men for murder. Taking a lot of its visual style from "The Code", it seems to me, I'm enjoying this so far (two episodes in).
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