Amazon Fire Stick

This is the new version, with Alexa, bought during the Prime day jollifications. I have a Chromecast, but wanted;
a) To stream Prime on my (non-smart) TV
b) To stream without having to use a second device to "feed" the stick

The device itself is easy to set up, but beware that it needs a plugged power supply to run (which could be an issue if you're used to using the USB sockets in your TV, or only have those available - they probably won't supply enough power).

In use, it's snappy, with the hunt and peck action with the remote working smoothly because of the speed of the interface. Prime video has the same issues it has elsewhere (if you've started a series episode, it will attempt to start the following episode when you re-enter the application, rather than resuming the one you were on, it isn't great at showing you the things you're currently watching, etc) Actually streaming is smooth and the quality seems decent.

The other apps that I Chromecast are supported too, Netflix runs nicely (and integrates into the Fire homepage well), Eurosport player is available and runs well. Notable omissions (for me) are iPlayer Radio (TV iPlayer is present and runs well) and Cricinfo (I'd love a live scoreboard while I listen to TMS). Simply Yoga is a nice discovery though.

I've not used Alexa much, although my impression is that it's a bit hit and miss, with some odd results returning for some of my queries.

Overall, it's a great solution, especially if you have a Prime account - more versatile than the Chromecast in some ways, because there's no need to have a second device feeding it.
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