What I watched in the last quite a long time really (Films)

I've been in another play (I was "Charles", in "Local Affairs" - a great play if you can get your head around the staging, showing off my Welsh accent.) Only my second play, and a major part, so I have been cramming lines, helping to build (and dismantle) the set, as well as performing in the three shows of our run!

In between all that, I watched;

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (Prime)
Not quite as dreadful as people make out, but not far off either. Overlong, murky, and faux portentous throughout, with a clanging, intrusive soundtrack. Not one to move to the top of your list.

The Revenant (Netflix)
The much lauded Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle showed up on Netflix with typical lack of hoohaa a little while ago. It's good, although pretty gory, with the much discussed bear scene being particularly gruelling. Tom Hardy appears as well, as Leo's antagonist. It's probably worth mentioning that the film is, at times, beautiful - the landscape in which it's set is astonishing, and when the camera lingers on it, it's like a welcome break from the grime and gore.

99 Homes (Prime)
Andrew Garfield, an unemployed builder, is taken under the wing of a reptillian real estate agent (Michael Shannon) who makes his living buying foreclosed on homes. This is excellent, with Shannon typically superb, and Andrew Garfield putting in a very good performance as well. I'm not entirely sure that the ending rings true, but Garfield plays his character so well that it worked for me. Recommended.

Logan Lucky (Prime)
It's Amazon's turn to sneak out a well reviewed film with little to-do here. This is a tremendously fun heist movie from Steven Soderbergh, in which the titular Logans attempt a daring, complex robbery, with the assistance of their friends. In contrast to Soderbergh's Oceans 11, the characters here are poor, downtrodden West Virginians. The film is tremendously fun, with the elements of the heist slotting together in a really satisfying way.

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