What I Watched This Week;

High Rise (Amazon Prime)
Resentments between the residents of a tower bock split along class lines become open hostility when the systems running the building break down. Directed by Ben Wheatley, of whom I'm quite a fan, and I enjoyed this very much (I can't say how close it is to the source material, having never read Ballard's book). It has some pretty nasty moments (although I was surprised at how often the camera "looks away", compared to Wheatley's earlier work). Tom Hiddleston's chilly, brittle persona works well for the Laing character, I think. The "70's Future" look of the whole thing is absolutely brilliant as well.

Goodnight Mummy (Amazon Prime)
An Austrian psychological thriller. Two boys become convinced that the person who has returned, face swathed in bandages after plastic surgery, is not their mother, as she claims. A lot of (well handled) build up leads to a genuinely nasty, shocking final third. It's an assured fiction debut by the film's directors.

A Good Day to Die Hard (Recorded from Film4)
A bit like reshooting the best bits of previous Die Hards, and then weaving a wonky plot and unconvincing father / son dynamic through them. May have the highest ratio of "characters falling in slow motion while things explode behind them" shots to other shots in film history.

The OA (Netflix)
Contraversially, perhaps, I enjoyed this - at the end of the first series, I think the 60/70% ish it has on Metacritic et al is fair. I wasn't a massive fan of the supernatural stuff, but the fact that the disprovable supernatural stuff appears only in Prairie's retelling (so may not be true) saves that for me. The second season, assuming it gets one, is going to be interesting, as I'm not sure how long they can play that trick for.

Limmy's Show (Netflix)
Into Season 2 now, and enjoying this very much. It's a more confident series, with a lot of fourth wall breaking, but those formal tricks are balanced with good jokes and sharply written sketches.

Charlie Brooker's 2016 Wipe
If anyone could sum 2016 up, it's probably Charlie Brooker.
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