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Not a lot of surprises or novel information here depending on how closely you follow the research but a nice , expansive article on the topic nevertheless, and worth reading.
If we do not make radical medical progress, by 2050, Alzheimer's care will cost as much as defence in the US...
If life-expectancy trends continue, that future may be near, transforming society in surprising and far-reaching ways.
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Franchot van Slot

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“If you trust in yourself. . . and believe in your dreams. . . and follow your star. . . you’ll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren’t so lazy.”
— Terry Pratchett

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I don't believe it!

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Good morning, Plussers!

Have a very busy day/week ahead of me with meetings and research and the #HubbleHangoit and also planning a super awesome project that will be happening at the end of July!

But first... #Coffee!

How about you? How's your day faring?
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Franchot van Slot

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One of developmental biology’s most perplexing questions concerns what signals transform masses of undifferentiated cells into tremendously complex organisms, a process called ontogeny. New research by University at Buffalo scientists provides evidence that it all begins with a single “master” growth factor receptor that regulates the entire genome.
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Franchot van Slot

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Franchot van Slot

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There seems to be a correlation between creativity and schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Of course, correlation does not mean causation.


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It’s a common observation: Those who are the most creative are often fighting their own mental demons. Even as far back as Ancient Greece, it was noted that creative genius is often associated with mental illness. Now, a new study published in Nature Neuroscience claims that creative talent and psychiatric disorders may share genetic roots.   
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Franchot van Slot

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Parenting decisions that were commonplace a few decades ago are now cause for 911 calls and visits from a police officer or someone from child protective services.
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