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Kaitlin Morgan
History. Minarets HS. Google Certified Educator. Pear Deck Certified Coach. PBS Digital Innovator. Prezi Educator. ClassDojo Mentor. #RCE
History. Minarets HS. Google Certified Educator. Pear Deck Certified Coach. PBS Digital Innovator. Prezi Educator. ClassDojo Mentor. #RCE


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My Blogging Plans
Below are my plans for blogging over the next two months. The bright blue indicates when posts will be published while the brigth yellow indicates important dates.

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Reading-For-Fun as a Teacher
Even though reading is my favorite pastime, it falls by the wayside when school is in full swing. That's not to say that I'm not reading, but by the time I finish reading all the blog posts, assignments, essays I'm too exhausted to read-for-fun when I'm hom...

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THRIVE Everyday Every Day
While many people believe that the best educators earn respect with grand gestures, Aaron Hogan disproves this final myth in the sixth chapter of Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth . He insists respect and rapport from students is gained through everyday i...

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Teaching in the Classroom v. PD Session
Without a doubt, I am a project-based teacher. I have set aside the "sage on the stage" mentality and have embraced my role as one that guides and facilitates learning for my students. If you walk into my classroom, chances are you will find me on the side,...

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"Things Students with Anxiety Wish Their Teachers Understood"
I came across this video the other day on Facebook and I found it to be very thought provoking, especially with the increase of anxiety among students. Even though I also suffer from anxiety, many of these confessions are ones that I have not experienced. T...

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Flashback to #edchat Podcast
Three years ago, I had the honor to be featured on #edchat radio following an #edchat about authentic learning in Common Core. Below is the audio from the podcast: Do you believe authentic learning can occur within the common core?

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THRIVE by Valuing Vulnerability
For me, my favorite chapter of Aaron Hogan's  Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth was my favorite. He focuses on destroying the myth that the best teachers have all the answers, which is definitely one that I battle with every day. In fact, if you look back...

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Are You Defined By Your Generation?
Recently, I made a shocking discovery: I am consider a Millennial. Yes. I'm part of that generation that is the current bane of everyone's existence as shown below: Ok, I definitely laughed at a few of those and even made me think of my sister, who is also ...

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How Do Others Deal with Failure
The following post is written by Benjamin Regonini, the most recent hire to the Minarets Social Science Department. After working for two and half years at a middle school, he joined the Minarets family in the middle of January. Below are his reflections of...

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THRIVE by Imagining It Better
The fourth myth busted by Aaron Hogan in Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth is that perfect teachers excel by meeting existing expectations. He challenges you to dream and rethink long-held ideas. Favorite Quote from the Imagine it Better Chapter. Every ye...
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