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OK Listen is a Platform where you can discover, listen to and legally download independent music
OK Listen is a Platform where you can discover, listen to and legally download independent music

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Cardiff based Houdini Dax dropped their new single Get Your Goo On. Check it out at

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Chandbibi & The Waste Candidates (now that’s an awesomely kickass band name to have!) are an experimental jazz funk band from Bangalore.

Formed by Mana Dhanraj (vocals), Sidhant Jain (guitars), Kavita Sarna (bass) and Navneet Rao (drums), the members are all a part of the alumnus of the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music.

Incorporating a mix of Latin, RnB and their experimental jazz funk sound, they have created something fantastic and extraordinary. You shouldn’t miss it either. Download their debut album, ‘Tidy Funk’, here on

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Bickram Ghosh is an accomplished table player and exponent of Hindustani classical music. He also experiments with fusion music. he is a student of the “Patiala gharana”

Over the years, he has been known to experiment with various other musical genres from classical to rock.

One of his breakthrough albums, ‘Samaa’, is available. All you fusion and percussion enthusiasts, download the album here on

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Aditya Ashok a.k.a. Ox7gen, is a drummer, bass artist & producer from Mumbai.

As the drummer of rock band, The Colour Compound, Aditya has identified himself as a performer and an party-maker with his music. Lauded by fans all over, he has performed at gigs like NH7 Weekender, Sunburn Goa, Escape Festival and many more. He has also performed extensively abroad as a supporting act for leading artists.

There is no stopping this guy, his music will make you jump throughout his set and make you bang your heads like madmen. His debut album, ‘Dimensions’ , is out now. It is nothing short of pure awesomeness oozing from the songs.

Don't miss this one - download his album here

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‘Din Gaye (EP)’ features the collaboration of mainly vocalist-composer Namit Das and guitarist-producer Anurag Shanker with various session musicians contributing as well.

When these two gentlemen decided to work with each other, they started recording music - which led to the birth of this album. A jazz, folk and fusion album, download it here on

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Nasya is a sufi folk rock band from New Delhi consisting of Kunal Wason (vocals & lyricist), Ripple Boruah (guitars), Siddharth Sharma (bass), Vishal Mehta (drums), Pankaj Beniwal (percussions) and Vinay Sharma (flute).

After making it big in a rock show performance on MTV, there was no stopping them. They have garnered much love and appreciation from Sufi and folk rock lovers since then.

Their musical journey started in the year 2008, following which they started playing at various music festivals all over India. Their music is soulful, energetic and simply wonderful.

Download their album here on

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The electronic, world-music sounds of Ganesh, Kumaresh & Taufiq Qureshi. Now for your listening pleasure on the album " Spark "

Download it here

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Ironic Reversal is the solo project of guitarist Madhur Murli in collaboration with vocalist Kaushal LS from Orchid.

Their sound is all about death metal / progressive metal.
Download their album here

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Space Behind The Yellow Room is a post rock band from Bangalore.

The band consists of Shoumik Biswas (drums, vocals), Devasheesh Sharma (guitars), Nihar Apte (guitars, vocals) and Tushar Ganguly (bass).
They are a largely instrumental band, with minimal vocals. Conversations That Determine a Life is their first official Album release.

Get it here

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Doctor Zebra.

Possibly India’s first true Skater/ Surfer Punk band.

They happened when surfer Jay K moved to Pune from Florida and enlisted drummer Anant Joshi and bassist/guitarist Amit Bhatia to help give shape to his tunes. Their stuff is high on energy and captivatingly so. Creating sound that hasn’t been done here before.

Get their debut EP here
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