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Podcasting in the Classroom
I recently learned what about what Podcasting is. Call me behind on the times, but these things are awesome! Podcasting in broad terms are downloadable series of audio recordings/videos and in which you can subscribe to and watch/listen to on the go. They a...

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Strip Generator!
Ever wanted to create a comic strip for your students with ease? Now you can! StripGenerator  is an online tool that allows you to make comic strips. It's super easy to use and has pre-made characters and objects and even allows you to make your own charact...

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Animoto and Thanksgiving
I'm a huge fan of holidays and thus the reoccurring theme of Thanksgiving. It seems to be the only holiday that I can teach students about (no religion attached) that is coming up. During these holidays, it may be tricky for ESOL students to know what to ex...

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Flipping the Classroom!
I recently read two articles about what "Flipping a classroom" means. Why It's Time to Rethink (And Question) Homework and 7 Things You Should Know About Flipped Classrooms  shed light on one of the more recent methodologies of teaching. Flipping a classroo...

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Creating TedED Lessons
A valuable way to test student's knowledge of a video that you are showing in class can now go beyond a fill-in-the-blank handout. If you're ready to step out of the monotony, I've got a solution for you. TedED  gives you a way to create a lesson alongside ...

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Using TubeChop in the Classroom
For any teacher who struggles to find videos to meet the classroom time limitations, there is a solution! Recently, I explored the tool TubeChop  which is an online tool that lets you single out important parts in a YouTube video that you might like to show...

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Against All Odds, The Refugee Experience
Although I will be a future ESOL teacher, I do question sometimes where my job even comes from. Who are the people that I will be teaching and what are their stories? After being assigned to play a serious game for my online class, I was answered some of th...

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Using the Game Escape the Room in a Classroom Setting
In this phase in my online class, we are learning about gamification. My previous post expanded on the notion of what gamification is and how it can be used in the class. I came across an article in our syllabus that talked about the nature of Escape the Ro...

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Gamification, a generally new vocabulary term, but a long-used method of learning. When I started this Mod for my online class, I wasn't sure what the title Gamification was exactly going to entail. Were we going to be playing video games the entire time? W...

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Twitter in Education
Twitter, as per any blogging site, is a way to share information. As learners, we can't know everything. It's a great resource to have other people to seek information from. Twitter does exactly this. It's a pool of knowledge from people from your field wit...
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