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When you can spare half an hour or so, I really suggest you view this series of works by +Pablo Luis Gonzalez

Fantastic black and white photography, punctuated with gems of colour, documenting the streets of Hull over the past 4 decades.

Striking work Pablo - thank you for sharing

Don't mind the sun

A journal: Hull 1977 / 2012

There are 121 photographs in this album, plus an afterword. This is a photographic documentary, rather than street photography.

Photographs can be seen better here:

I intend to publish these images as a book, later in the year.

#documenting   #street   #streetlife   #streetphotography   #hull   #yorkshire  
Don't mind the sun
128 Photos - View album

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Love: a fundraiser for a fellow creative

In light of all the promoting and help that has come for Ale and his family during the #love_fundraiser we wanted to share a message from Ale's wife, Vanessa:

'Your love is like the sun in a storm. I continue to believe that with all the people around the world who think and pray for Alessio, maybe a miracle will happen.' 'Il vostro amore e come uno sprazzo di sole in una tempesta. Continuo a credere che con tutte le persone sparse nel mondo che lo pensano e pregano per lui magari un miracolo possa accadere' @vaneeeee @aleesio

The books are arriving in mailboxes all over the world! I received my copy in England this week and it really is beautiful. When you get yours, why not take a photo of it, post it, and tag it #love_fundraiser ...share your love and tell us all where you are from

So far we have raised $3400 for Ale! Our goal is to raise $10,000. Please help us continue to help this precious family during their battle against Cancer. Head to @wearejuxt and click the link in their profile to see the beautiful compilation of images this amazing community put together. Thank you to @blurb_books for the opportunity to help a friend

Title: bacio senza tempo by Gabriele Migliaccio @gab_nap

#wearejuxt #love_fundraiser

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Stunning insight into the story behind the picture - Joel Meyerowitz narrates this wonderful short. Makes me fall in love with street photography all over again.


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Over the weekend, we took top spot in Blurb's best seller over the weekend....

A fundraiser for an amazing photographer and friend fighting cancer
By Inner Circle (50 International Photographers)

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Book Fundraiser: Love

I am humbled to be involved in a fundraiser for an amazing photographer and friend fighting cancer

Most of us are drawn to social networking sites because of the interaction they provide us, the interpersonal relations with friends near and far, the glimpses into the lives of people we may never meet. But, on occasion, social networking can serve a higher purpose

Many of us were devastated by the news that our dear friend, Alessio Castaldo @aleesio, was diagnosed with cancer last fall. We have pulled together to help Ale and his family in the only way that makes sense: through our photographs. We have compiled a collection of gorgeous images, the theme of which is simply, "Love," to benefit Ale's family. Love is one of his favorite subjects, and perfectly conveys the origin of this collaboration. It is the photographs that brought us all together, and the Love that has gathered us into a global family

Please see (please click on the banners) for more information on the project, and to be directed to this beautiful book. From now until February 8, 2013, there is a 25% off discount. It is only available through the Juxt site. Thanks to @wearejuxt @blurb_books for this opportunity. #love_fundraiser

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Happy New Year from Juxt

It has been a year of ups and downs for many of us. The beauty of a new year is the ability to create a new direction or continue on great directions. Juxt has been successful because all of you - the community. The community of photographers and artists are all of you who make up this connected world by showing a glimpse of your own lives through photographs and images.

Juxt thanks you and for you we've created a FREE e-magazine for you to download. Click on the article in our site and download the top articles of 2012.

Happy New Year to you and yours! We wish y'all love, peace, and prosperity in 2013.

Lets have fun in 2013
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