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Get lost in these words deep in this soul
Get lost in these words deep in this soul

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Another oldie that I like and I know many can relate to.

Pain Of Love

the fear
the pain
the fear of not being noticed
the pain of being ignored
the anger
the sadness
the anger at you for not acknowledging me
the sadness that you would chose another over me
can you not see that everything you want is in me
why fall for the illusion that he's using
again to know the pain of a false love
another reason why love seems like a lost cause
pause for a second to think about it
you say you want these things to be true
and once you find them you reject them
then cling to lies that make you cry
all because you feared losing them
i'm standing right in front of you pouring out my heart
given you a reason not to look any further
cause what you seek is right in front of you
so frustrating that you wont accept what you seek
its the truth and here is the proof
why is that you wont accept it
why cant you understand it
why do you deny it
everything before was an insult to the precious thing you are
one here to adore and cherish the queen and goddess that you are
to treat you like the precious gift from above that you are
what is it that i have to do to make you see
the pain of it is driving me crazy
i try reaching out to you
and you just keep pulling away
the look in your eyes are so sad
because of the past pain you wont let yourself go free
to enjoy the true joy that my love can give to you
it wont be perfect but we can work it
no lies to be had between us
not just lust for the physical that draws me to you
i want you emotionally and spiritually
no i need you cause i feel that your the other part i need to be complete
let it go
give it up
just let yourself breath
i'm that sigh of relief
what you been waiting for
true love in it's purest form

Didn't know tumblr had a limit for post, sucks but oh well.

Was just going through some of my old poems and here's one I like. Some of my old stuff still surprises me.


darkness all round only stars to light the way
wind flowing over and around me
lift my head back to enjoy the sensation
oh how exhilarating the nights can be
feel like shouting out in joy
must be quiet otherwise will be discovered to soon
eyes focus and scan the surrounding brush
nose flares as the familiar scent of the prey is discovered
throw back my head and let the howl brake my throat
the hunt is on as i crash into the undergrowth after my prey
no pack to run with but never truly alone
the night is my companion always with its moon and its stars
oh how graceful my prey is leaping and lunging this way & that
but all in vain oh though more stimulating is the chase then any
into a clearing we enter against a cliff wall
i begin to shift my form as i approach her slowly
the doe is frighten but excited and the scent is to intoxicating
she wants this as much as i do
mouth pulls back into a ferocious grin of triumph
her back is pressed against the wall breast heaving
i take her into my arms and press my face into her neck
her arms wrap around me bringing me in close
oh the fun we will have this night.

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Do you have any loved ones living in Mississippi? Too bad, she'll probably die of cervical cancer..but only if she catches it, that is. No worries..

Hey whats good all? Nothing much this way cept for school and the usual routine of my everyday life.

Started working out again, feeling sore as hell but it does feel great. Grabbed whey+ protein mix, hope I get the results that i want. Going to pick up 110lb set net month, just copped 15lb dumbbells to step things up a bit. Looking to be curling 30lbs separately each arm by Feb and able to lift the entire 110 around the same time. After that may hit the gym and get a personal trainer....see how school, funds and possibility of new job plays into that. Just to let cha know a little about what I've been up to besides school. Speaking of school, midterms just passed an did fairly well, rocking B average overall...happy with that. Quarters almost over and gotta register for winter quarter....

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Just copped a new laptop, so thankful cause now school is gonna be that much easier long as I put in the work of course. Messing with it now, its an hp with 500gb (actually 450+ cause part of hard drive is used for back up and comp tools) 4gb ram and dual processor with web cam.

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There is no suit better or more beautiful than your birthday suit. Support naked-ness and self acceptance!

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A pregnant child is a pregnant child and we can do better than this.
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