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Hey ya'll

I've been trying to setup emacs with spacemacs but emacs fails to connect to melpa or I've tried on two different devices with the same results. Idk if this is an emacs issue or what. Anyone else tried running spacemacs on Termux? 

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RANT: Imagine this.  If you wanted High Speed Internet at your house..

You would get a hold of your local provider (Cox, Comcast, VZW etc) and they give you the run down of what's required.

A)  You must buy a computer from them
     1) This computer would be loaded with bloatware
     2) You will not be allowed to un-install any of this bloatware
     3) This bloatware would constantly run/restart itself.
     4) You will be promised timely updates to this computer, but will never see them as in 6/12 months this computer will be declared EOL

B)  You will sign a 2 year contract
     1) Early Termination Fees are Hundreds of dollars
     2) If you do leave to another provider, this computer you just bought is now unusable, but can be traded-in for 1/10th the value.
     3) You will have a bandwidth limit per month, which the aforementioned bloatware(that you cannot remove) used nearly half of your allotment without any interaction from you, the user.

That shit would SUCK right?

So why do we allow US Cell Phone Carriers to do it? How do they get away with this? It seems asinine to me! Am I alone? [/endrant]

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So here is the deal, listen up cell phone manufacturers! I am going to pick on HTC as I have 3 of their phones, please keep in mind that there are companies out there like Samsung and Motorola doing the same.

You spend god knows how much money to make phones like the HTC Inspire 4g and the HTC Thunderbolt and the HTC Evo 4g. THEY ARE THE SAME PHONE FOR GOD SAKES! Yeah ok so you make a couple of them have a kickstand (twirls fingers in the air) whoopty do, and you may change one chip or something inside! You all could actually learn a few things from Apple but making one phone that will support all the carriers. This is not really that hard, there are radios chips out there that can handle nearly every carrier at this time. Making one phone that can go across all carriers will help cut cost like.

1: Case Development - not having to redesign the case for the phone due to moving the charging port and power and volume buttons all the time.

2: Hardware Development - Not having to make 7 different hardware designs to fit in the different cases.

3: Time: Cutting the phones that you are developing done to a few allows you to focus more on the phones that you are working even more. This will permit for a HUGE jump in quality of the devices and may even help figure out the much needed battery life that a lot of cell phones have lost these days.

If you agree with me please share and lets see if we can get a response. Flooding the market with 15 phones a quarter is getting old. Give us 3 Awesome phones that we must have! Not 15 to 20 that are mediocre.

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I'm sorry if people think this is flame bait, but as a fan of history and a Christian who chooses not to celebrate Christmas I thought it was funny.

The real meaning of Christmas.

Why the hell can't you get to your g+ settings on a mobile platform? I have been trying for an hour to get to my settings on my xoom to make sure the new automatic filtering is turned off on my stream. Everything you can do on the website should be available within the app, including account settings. Furthermore there appears to be no way to get to your settings from the mobile site, and the desktop site doesn't play well with the android browser either. When selecting the gear icon, it changes color but no menu pops up. Normally I would have just done this on my laptop but I will be without it for a few days, and it has made me realize something; Increasingly people are foregoing a traditional desktop or laptop in favor of mobile platforms, yet developers seem to design everything with the assumption that their mobile offerings are just a supplement to the "full" site. Haven't we reached a point at which mobile and desktop should be nearing feature parity? Jus sayin...

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It's total BS that Universal Music Group is attempting to censor legitimate news on the web: #FreeTNT

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A Sad Story about Molly and the TSA
This is Molly. I don't know her, or her last name. What I do know is, she is a sweet old lady who was just ahead of me in the line for TSA screening. And this is her story.

If you don't like it, I hope you SHARE this story, and +1 it. Without significant attention, nothing will change.

+Cali Lewis and I arrived at DFW Airport to take a trip to Detroit. As one would expect, we had to go through security, and just ahead of us in line was a lady named Molly. I took notice because the woman doing the initial security check instantly recognized her as a person who had just come through previously.

"You're back!" Said the security woman.
"I had to get cough drops," Molly responded.

A little chit-chat ensued, the security woman checked Molly's ID again, and told her to have a nice trip. "You have a happy holiday," Molly replied with vigor!

After proceeding into the X-ray line Molly, who was obviously struggling with health issues - and who was wearing a neck brace, was approached by a female TSA agent who asked her if she was physically able to reach her hands above her head. Molly responded by demonstrating that she could, and was ushered politely into that monstrosity of a backscatter machine that peers through your soul.

Since all of that was taking so long, I fortunately got to just go through the metal detector. Up to this point, I hadn't been paying much attention to what was going on with Molly, though Cali had gotten pulled for screening because she opted out of the backscatter machine.

This is when I became aware that something was very wrong with Molly. The TSA agents had forced her to remove her neck brace, and were requesting that she go through the backscatter machine again. She clearly didn't understand what they wanted, or why they wanted her back in that infernal machine. "My name is Molly," she replied to something they said, not having heard them properly.

Once again they fed her through the machine because something was throwing off an error.

At this point, I was agitated, and I let it be known publicly. I asked objected on Molly's behalf because there was no one else there to do it for her. I told three different TSA agents that this was uncalled for, I pointed out that she was in no way a threat, and they all even agreed with me. I want to emphasize that last point. None of them disagreed. But they had to follow procedures.

I requested the supervisor, and when she came over I again voiced my concern that Molly shouldn't be subjected to this treatment. Not only I, but all of the other passengers around were staring in obvious surprise. Again, the supervisor seemed to empathize with Molly's plight. But she was powerless to exercise common sense and simply let the poor old woman pass.

The supervisor ordered the female agent you see in the photo to do a hand screening, at which point she did so and Molly complied. If you want to call what she was doing "complying". As the TSA agent was trying to tell her the procedure Molly said, "I can't hear you". So I'm certain that she was simply being subjected to inspection after inspection because - what else is she going to do?

Molly was easily in her upper 70's or 80's. She was hunched over. She moved slowly, was hard of hearing, and was wearing clothing that clearly wasn't concealing anything substantial. And don't forget, they had just screened her a little while before, but she had to leave to get her cough drops! Why, in God's name, must we subject our elderly to this level of treatment (4+ screenings)? I would not want my grandparents to be treated this way, nor do I want to be treated this way when I'm that age.

We all want to be secure. But security at what cost? Our forefathers sacrificed themselves to provide the freedom we enjoy today, and the TSA is not making us any safer. They are only stripping us of our dignity.
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