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Ann Lauwers
photographer, artist, owner of An Artist's View Photography
photographer, artist, owner of An Artist's View Photography


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What a great idea!
Good Morning! So I've been thinking. Oh, come on now, quit shaking your head and rolling those eyes for just a second and let me explain. This really is a good idea! Really! I want to start a newsletter. That's right, just a small email newsletter that I co...

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The best days of the gardens
     As soon as the weather began to warm up this past spring I hurried out to the back yard anxiously awaiting for life to unearth itself in the gardens. This spring was awfully late and terribly wet so tending the plants and cultivating the ground was nea...

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The Winds of Change
     Remember Mary Poppins? A spoon full of sugar? They always make me smile. And then I wonder how many other stories have impacted my life. Just last night as I was thinking of all the new and exciting things that I want to do with An Artist’s View, I nat...

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