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Homeschool Blogger | ♥ Social Media | Amature Photograher

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Today I have a list of some new and some familiar home educating bloggers for you to meet and follow for encouragement and support during the new year :)

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The Shadow of the Cross (N Book 2)
Are you looking for a great book for yourself and your young teen to read ? I would encourage you to take a look at Joyce Swann newest end times thriller The Shadow of the Cross it's 95 pages of great reading for your kindle.

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Character in Action
This is a book with a difference it has real people in it sharing their real life character development journey with you and helping your children understand how to live the Character trait they are learning.

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Core Foundations Today I would like to share a more personal journey with you. It's something that affects more than 80% of our population and for most of us we chalk it all up to age and "That's just life". To begin with I was under the impression that this struggle was unique to woman but I now understand this issue is something that many people struggle with and are unaware that there is a solution to their pain and that solution is now available to people all over the world thanks to the work of Kelly Dean and The Tummy Team in the form of their online Core Foundations Program.

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Dying For Relief - A message on Euthanasia

In light of the current push for Euthanasia I would like to share a story with you. My hope is that by sharing this, it would cause you to question the merits of Euthanasia...

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Spring is here and it's time for some new treats. Thanks to my friend Lissy for this 2 ingredient treat!

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Today let's talk about Homeschool Planning.

What are some things to consider ?
What about daily scheduels ?
And Dad what does he do ?
Are you planning for High School ?
Recommended Resource lists and more.

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+Cassandra Holdeman encourages us in Homeschool Planning
Homeschool 101 - Planning
This week I am very excited to be participating in a Blog Hop with my friends at the Schoolhouse Review Crew and we are super excited about our subject - Homeschool 101.  We are going to chat about some of the things that are most important in homeschooling...
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