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Digital Strategist - Social Media
Digital Strategist - Social Media


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Work From Home

"All totaled, the company saw one extra workday a week, no commute, less sick days, and no more running errands on long lunches."  via +Fast Company  #workfromhome   #remoteemoloyee 

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If you could take a Road Trip would you head to cooler temps or hit the sun in warmer weather? We are in the mood to send you there so enter a road trip pic to win a 2-year vehicle lease and $1000! #lhm1000

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In #Utah? +Larry H. Miller Dealerships is giving away a vehicle in honor of their 35th anniversary! 

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Larry H Miller Dealerships, we’re giving away a 2-year lease on a Ford F150 XLT OR a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Sport, plus $1,000 to fuel your summer road trip! 

Get the details here:

#LHM1000   #lhmauto   #lhmvalues  

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Darn you MetLife and your all American commercial! Combining the National Anthem - with the Peanuts - in a sports stadium. MetLife: "National Anthem with Peanuts (:60)"

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Social Media Will Be More Expensive this year

Are you finding out the assumption that Social is "free" is actually not true? I know woking in the digital marketing field that social is far from the free marketing business.

Do you think content will still be king this year or can that random post reach as many and create as much engagement with some money to boost? #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips  

article via +Entrepreneur

New Year's Focus

I used to do these "New Year's Resolutions" and failed. Every. Time. A couple years ago I started adapting a word to focus on for the year - thank you +Chris Brogan for changing my thought process on this .

Last year it was "Achieve." I had just started a new job and I wanted to make my mark in my new company and I think I did that. 

This year I am focusing on "Challenge." Challenge myself, challenge others, accept the challenge put upon me by others. I have a big goal for myself this year and I need to challenge myself to reach that by 2015.

So that is my 2014 word of my year. What is yours?

  #Challenge   #Focus    #newyear   #leadershipdevelopment   #leadershipskills  

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Management Lessons From Visionary Women Leaders

There has never been a better time to be a woman in business. #Leadership   #leadershiptips   #womenleaders

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Being a Leader

Do you earn your respect from co workers or try to demand it? #Leadership   #Leader   #respect   #character

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Toyota and Teen Driving Safety

We love our +Toyota USA  and our new teen driver. Working closely with the Auto Industry I can honestly say Toyota is way beyond all other brands in taking teen driving safety seriously (and reaching to the Spanish speaking community - but that's another post).   #teendrivers   #teendriversafety   #teendriving   #Toyota
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