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7 Books to read before you quit your job

I'm going to get on these. I've actually read three of them already to my surprise.

"E-Myth Revisited" is a must read and pretty well known but you have to read "The Power of Habit," by Charles Duhigg.  It is an awesome book and really helps you understand yourself and your habits.

One book I would add to the list is "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod.  It is a life changer.

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Backlinking: What's working

Great Podcast here from +Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income and +Brian Dean from Backlinko on what is working on backlinking today and is it even worth it.

The short answer is yes.  It is still very important.  But the days of spammy link building are gone.  Today backlinking is about quality content and building relationships.  As it should be.

Alot has changed with backlinking over the year but Brian Dean points out that a lot has remained the same.  

Check out the podcast, which is excellent, for all the details but here are a few gems I took from the podcast and they are more related to SEO than backlinking.

Bounce rate is important:
Google can monitor who quickly hits the back key from your site.  They have the data and appear to be using it.  So optimize your site above the fold.  

Clickthrough rate is also key:
are google users clicking on your site over others in the same group of search results.  If not why?  you need to find out.

Great podcast and well worth a listen.

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MOZ 2015 Ranking Factors

Always an interesting read. It is interesting to note how things have changed but also how they have stayed the same.  I've been around a long time... a dinosaur almost in internet times... and some things have been constant for a long time such as the importance of keywords in the title tag.  

Great read from all of these respected panel of experts.


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The End of Google Authorship

Google recently announced that Google will stop showing authorship results in Google Search.
The reason: Google found that authorship results were not providing value to its users.

Nothing is sacred with Google!  

See full details in this search engine land post.

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How to add columns in Weebly
Weebly recently removed its columns element. Here is the new way. #weebly

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10 Amazing Tools for Entrepreneurs
This is a great slideshare deck put together by +Steven Feeney on time saving tips for Entrepreneurs and marketers.

Some of these tools are tried and true and we all probably use some or all of them but there are a few new ones in here.  Enjoy

#entrepreneur #entrepreneurtips   #timesavingtips   #slidesharepresentations

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Some tips for making great explainer videos on YouTube.

a good short read from +Entrepreneur on making videos that standout. The article includes some good example videos as well.


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How to inspire greatness Stop Leading
Good article and youtube video from on how to lead....or not lead.
Great read for anyone with a business or if you manage any employees.


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Google My Business announced - It helps but doesn't fix local for SMBs

Good read from and +Damian Rollison on the latest incarnation of Google Local called Google My Business.

It is a step in the right direction but not quite there yet.

#googlemybusiness   #googlelocal   #localseo  

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Jim Carrey with some profound lessons at this Graduation Speech. No Really
It contains a few laughs as expected

#jimcarrey   #funnyvideo   #funny
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