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Dulcet Jones
Spooky Instrumental Music With a Halloween Theme
Spooky Instrumental Music With a Halloween Theme

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Where did all the communities go? This looks like Pinterest.

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This just in. Free download, works great as a ringtone!

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Hi all, I just joined here, I'll give you some background and then ask a question.  After several years as a guitarist I recently got into the synth, DAW, computer music area and have had some fun with it for a couple of years.  Now the question:  I recently bought a Korg PadKONTROL and I'm not getting all the features to work and was wondering if anyone here knows anything about it.  I can't seem to get the Editor Librarian to work completely.   So far I can Add "scenes" and transmit them(a window appears to verify this) but I can't use them anywhere.  I can use the PadKONTROL with several plug ins with Ableton Live, Fruity Loops and Magix Samplitude but only with the plug in sounds, not the Editor Librarian sounds.  It looks so easy in the tutorials on Youtube but I can't see what step I'm missing to get these to play what I programmed them to play.  I can get quite a bit of use with the FPC plug in on Fruity Loops, but not as advertised.   Anyway, here's a pic of some of my set up. 

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ALBUM MINI-REVIEW: Dulcet Jones - More Halloween, I'm Afraid |self-released, 2014| 4/5, instrumental/soundtrack

1. Asylum Wedding, 2. Lobotomy Ward, 3. More Halloween, I'm Afraid, 4. Night Circus, 5. November First Coming Down, 6. Red Narasimha, 7. Release The Bats, 8. Steampunk Lullaby

Here's an instrumental album which brings atmospheric tracks with a horroresque feel. The song writing accents moods rather than techniques which is a great option when applied to a soundtrack. Jim Graham - the multi-instrumentalist behind Dulcet Jones, did it successfully as every track here tells a different story.

"Asylum Wedding" sounds slow and melancholic but you'd surely expect some scary voices to come in with such guitar & bass arrangements. "Lobotomy Ward" comes out perhaps a little too gentle compared to what the title could suggest, though the entire composition is well done with a haunting, spacey mood and delicate guitar tunes. On the contrary, in "More Halloween, I'm Afraid" there's a little dialogue between the bass and high-pitched guitar, all wrapped up in a ghostly 'boooo!' atmosphere. A beautiful Russian ballerina accompanied by red nosed clowns may come up in your mind with "Night Circus". Next, there's "November First Coming Down" - a nostalgic acoustic song which is not deprived of darker moments. The piano based "Red Narasimha" may sound as delicate as a feather, but the low tuned synth accompanied by a bit of echoing makes an intriguing contrast and attracts the listeners’ attention. "Release The Bats" has an old-school gothic feel thanks to a notoriously graded bass and noisy guitars but the composition becomes a bit shallow and experimental at times. Finally, what would you expect to hear in a song entitled "Steampunk Lullaby"? Steam SFX, of course. And a bit of an old music box vibe. They are all there but also a spacey, ambient arrangement which finishes the album and in addition, mixes with "Asylum Wedding" very well.

If you're tired of simple, rowdy music, make sure you'll get this album, which will surely fill your imagination with dozens of ideas.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Magazine, August 27th, 2014. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński)

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Another track from "More Halloween, I'm Afraid"

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Spooky cerebral music from the new album "More Halloween, I'm Afraid"

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The Writing/Recording Process
This is an ever changing entity for me but a pattern is starting to develop for some of my music. It involves hearing an idea in my head that I want to capture "on tape"(which really means in digital audio form now) and then picking up a guitar(most of the time) and finding the chord progression or riff I'm hearing and getting a recording of it, usually with just a clean guitar sound.  Read more at my blog(link below)

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Thanks for the invite.  I create spooky instrumental music with various instruments and sounds ranging from guitars and synths to random noises and other foundsounds.  I blog about some of my techniques and tricks at :
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