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“Yo soy la locura”
Today’s Sunday Music
selection features Montserrat Figueras, accompanied by Hespèrion XXI. The
recording is from their 2007 Alia Vox album, Ludi Musici . This setting for “Yo soy
la locura” was composed by Henri de Bailly , who lived in the early 17 th cent...

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albina ave double octet
(2/6/17) waxing
moon with sea of tranquility framed between
utility lines; a chair, white paint peeling,
carved seat holding water, appears to be
free; rain’s stopped & one stratocumulus takes
on the cedar’s contours, billowing east; tires
are stacked four ...

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Two Octets from the North End
kerby ave octet (2/4/17) red push reel mower
collapsed on a sloped lawn under a camellia; were
this summer, a corner
to take in shade on fresh trimmed grass; but this grass droops
shaggy, nobody’s in sight, & the drizzle is a
cold kiss on cold skin; a pergo...

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Two Octets from Early February
ice storm morning
octet (2/3/17) beyond window glass, gray
clouds shifting northwest; ice glaze on the asphalt
still gathers fragments from lights not yet
extinguished as day rises: the cedars sway in their
row, keeping tempo, then halt—four crows strut

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"In an Enclosed Garden with Su Dongpo, John Young Hunter, & Charles Wright"
In an Enclosed Garden with Su Dongpo, John Young Hunter,
& Charles Wright A lull in the wind, pause
between snowfalls, between scattered stars,
crescent moon long set. She eats rice pudding in
bed, licks the spoon, construes poetry instead
of sleeping. On t...

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kerby ave double octet
(2/2/17) welcome mat with three
woven sunflowers laid cockeyed across parking
strip grass; on the porch an orange vinyl loveseat,
upholstery split; next door, a wading
pool turned upside down on black plastic by
sleeping rhododendrons, their buds clutched

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“La Rosa Enflorece”
Today’s Sunday music
feature showcases Montserrat Figueras singing the beautiful medieval Sephardic
romance, “La Rosa Enflorece”. She is accompanied by Hespèrion XXI, directed by
Jordi Savall. The recording is from their box set Dinastia Borgia ,
released o...

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Photo of the Week 2/11/17
Unthank Park - Thursday 2/9/17

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thursday inventory octet
(2/2/17) on the one hand, scissors
with Thulian pink grip, a single hole punch;
on the other hand, a condensor mic on black
& chrome tripod— wind from the gorge strews
papers across the lot, cedar boughs swirl
frenetic & the one gull dives & swoops from

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21st ave octet
(2/1/17) two flower pots glazed
ultramarine on a porch table, plants
withered, drooping, nameless now— six cherry trees sleep
black by the curb; through blinds: table lamps, upholstery,
life’s evidence, while leaves, so many
small brown hands, scrape concre...
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