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Mike Coviello (Tanner)
Website Designer - Internet Marketing & SEO - Aerospace Engineer
Website Designer - Internet Marketing & SEO - Aerospace Engineer

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Good Video On Glock Gen3 & Gen4 Differences

I thought I knew most of the differences, but I didn't.
(You have to click on the little "Product Video" on the page).

How Good Is Your Point Shooting?

I would like to know how accurately people can point shoot.

Who can hit a 9" paper plate at 25 feet while point shooting? At 50 feet?

Has Anybody Ever Had A Hang Fire?

You hear about them but has anybody ever had one? If so could you share your experience?

What Is A Hang Fire? Hang fire is when you pull the trigger to fire a gun, but the gun takes a few seconds to go off. It does not go off immediately. Old, outdated or defective primers are the cause of most hang fires. The primer is struck by the firing pin but the primer does not detonate immediately. A few seconds may elapse before the primer goes off and ignites the gunpowder
to propel the bullet through the barrel. When you experience a hang fire it is recommended to wait at least 10 seconds before opening the breach to investigate (while keeping the barrel pointed down range).

Be Careful When You Modify Your Guns!
You Can Mistakenly Make The Go Full Auto!

Yesterday at the range there was this guy shooting a 45 caliber pistol.

I asked him about it and he told me it was a Springfield Armory XDm-45ACP (if I remember correctly). It was very small and light weight for a 45 caliber pistol.

He said that it performed flawlessly for the 300 rounds that he put through it so far. He also told me that he performed a trigger job on it and he replaced the springs with "competition springs".

After the discussion we both resumed shooting.

About 10 minutes later, his buddy was shooting the gun and all of a suddenn there was a short "burp" of gun fire.

Everybody at the range heard it (including the rangemaster). Apparently it had gone into a "full auto" mode.

Consensus was the he may have gotten a little carred away with his trigger job.

He was forbidden to use it at the range until it was fixed.

Goes to show, that you have to be VERY CAREFUL when doing any modifications to your gun.

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My Glock 19 Trigger Pin Broke In Half!

Good thing it happened at home and not at the shooting range (where I may have not noticed it).
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