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Chamonix Thurston-Rattue
Photographer | Filmmaker
Photographer | Filmmaker

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Practicing and Challenging to Become an Expert Photographer
She's going to be naked in a forest with a giant sheet hanging behind her. That's my new vision. I'm trying something new this month to push my comfort zone and improve my photography skills. Miggy and I have gone to the library a few times this month and e...

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When Pricing Your Photography Don't Forget About the Hidden Costs
Our jaws probably dropped to the floor. Cheryl and I looked at each other, shook our heads and then looked at Cindy and said, "We can help you." haha This morning, I went to coffee (which always means Zen Green Tea) with Cheryl (my best photography buddy) &...

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Speeding Up Your Photography Post-Processing Workflow (Importing, Backup and Image Management)
My stomach sank. The timer on my phone was way over two hours. How had I wasted this much time in Lightroom? My to-do list was overflowing and I was using up all my precious time just trying to decide which pictures to give my clients.  About a year ago, I ...

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the Glorious Agonies of Editing Photos of Women — Seattle Nude Portraits by Chamonix Thurston-Rattue
So I just spent the last 2 hours hunched over my keyboard in the dark, furiously smoothing skin with my Intuos tablet (love that thing!) and feeling the world's heaviest dilemma bearing down on my shoulders..... which preset should I use? Dun Dun Duuuuuunnn...

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Clingig to in Your Identity - Letting Go is Crazy Hard!
You know that little thought that ALWAYS jumps into your head when the teacher says "What are you still holding on to?"  For a couple months now, it's been the same thing over and over. The first thought that pops up into my mind is "photography" and "photo...

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E027. Hold it and Find Out What Happens (50min) - Yoga with Chamonix Podcast
I was hiking up Mt. Si in the Cascade Mountains near my home this week and had a little realization 1 mile from the top. I realized my hiking was just like my mediation, my gym workouts, and my yoga asana. You have to go to that edge to find out what happen...

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E026. Feel Good Shoulders (50min) - Yoga with Chamonix Podcast
Slouchy slouchy! Time to reverse all the sitting with some heart openers and yummy shoulder stretching! We start with a little Anahatasana and I think we throw in a little Gomukasana along the way! Lots of knuckles pushing down to the floor and feelin' oh s...

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E025. Listen to Your Body & Have Fun (50min) - Yoga with Chamonix Podcast
Tune into your own body and what it needs today! In this 50 minute yoga class we are going through a friendly little vinyasa flow with some deep lunges and focus on your foundation alignment. This class offers modifications and intensifications so you can a...

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E023. Learning to Jump Forward (50min) - Yoga with Chamonix Podcast
Jump forwards! It's time for floating and leap frogs. In this all levels yoga class we have a gentle flow with arm and core strengthening that will set you up for jumping to the front of your mat and maybe up into handstands. In this class you'll learn the ...

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E022. Celebrating Youthful Energy Vinyasa Flow (50min) - Yoga with Chamonix Podcast
Before yoga class this week I stopped by to visit my grandma in the morning and she was so tired lying in bed. I realized that in comparison, I felt fantastic. I was so full of energy and my body would move any way I asked it to. I could do anything I wante...
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