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Prevent heat from building up in the workpiece – reducing heat-related stress cracks and discoloration with 3M’s New abrasive belts. Because the abrasive itself stays cooler and sharper,it lasts up to four times as long as conventional ceramic grain belts! These new belts offer a consistent finish with more choices for finishing aluminum and other soft substrates.

Call 877-774-8443 or visit to learn more
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Introducing Loctite’s New Thread Sealants. These new thread and flange sealants include Loctite’s 567, 577 and 518 and are designed for better oil tolerance and higher temperature resistance with a primer less cure on inactive metal substrates. These new thread sealants are designed for excellent high pressure applications where locking and sealing of tapered metal, pipe threads and fittings is sought after. It is ideal for stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized metal and other inert metals. Disassembles with hand tools.

Call 977-774-8443 or click to get yours today.
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R.S. Hughes is proud to introduce Momentive’s All-Purpose and Fuel-Resistant Sealants. These sealants known within Momentive as RTV106 and FRV1106 are designed to cover a wide range of extreme high temperature sealant applications within the aviation and aerospace industry.

No application is too big or too small, put these sealants to the test in your shop today.

Available at or by calling 877-774-8443
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3M 983 Diamond Grade Conspicuity Tapes are made from highly reflective prismatic sheeting and come backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive for easy apply and an instant bond.

These highly reflective tapes are used to increase visibility during the day and night on trucks and other industrial vehicles. This tape is also very effective on surfaces where greater visibility is desired and now offer an extended 10 year warranty for added product confidence.

Increase your Safety and Visibility with 3M 983 Diamond Grade Conspicuity Tapes Get yours today at
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Introducing 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive Sealant, this amazing adhesives sealant has been designed specifically for the marine industry and offers a permanent bonding solution both in and out of the water. From big ships to small personal boats and everything in between 3MTM 5200 has the power to repair them all.

For a limited time Mix and Match any 2 cartridges of 3MTM 5200 Adhesive Sealant and Receive a FREE Cartridge of 3MTM 3000UV Adhesive Sealant plus a FREE 50th Anniversary Travel Cooler.

Call 1-877-774-8443 or visit to learn more about this offer
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3M Small Joint Assembly Solutions

Powerful Adhesive Solutions for the Smallest of Spaces

Small joints are typically irregularly shaped but only a few inches of overlap area. They may be insertion joints or overlap joints, or some combination. Examples include golf club heads to shaft, plastic casings, lens mounting for instrumentation, mortise and tenon furniture joints.

Call 1-877-774-8443 or Visit to See all the 3M Small Joint Adhesive Solutions that are available to you.
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Introducing 3Ms Mounting and Trim Attachment solutions. These are designed to make the attachment process easier and provide a stronger hold that will last longer then traditional mechanical fasteners.

From using tape to using adhesive and everything in between. 3M has a solution to meet your mounting and trim attaching needs.

Call 1-877-774-8443 or visit to learn more
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R.S. Hughes is proud to introduce 6 New Abrasive Belts from 3M. 3M Belts are designed to cut faster, last longer and offer a more consistent finish. These new additions to 3M’s abrasive belt portfolio are designed to give you more choices for cutting and finishing,

Aluminum and Soft Substrates
Carbon Steel and Cast Iron
Stainless Steel and Cobalt Chrome
Titanium an High Nickel and More

Request a Demo today by calling 877-774-8443 and don’t forget to visit us online at
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These TGC WorkGear Ultra Tough Gray 600mm/24in nitrile gloves give you the technology to go were no other disposables gloves have gone before.

• Superior Chemical Protection
• Excellent Puncture Resilience
• Hand & Forearm Protection
• 100% Nitrile base
• Are Ambidextrous, Latex Free and Vinyl Free
• Are Defense NATO + NSN Numbered

Users now have the extreme reach chemical protection for fuel tanks, veterinarian services, water treatment, industrial processing, aviation services and more.

Call 877-774-8443 or Visit to get yours today

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No Surface is too Large for 3M adhesives

3M Large Surface Lamination Assembly Solutions - Choose Your Surface, Choose Your Substrate, Choose To Use 3M Adhesives. 3M Large Surface Lamination offers solutions to bond two surfaces (substrates) of similar size, either rigid or flexible, are bonded or laminated together where a majority of the surface is covered by the adhesive or tape in order to create the bond.

Examples include high pressure laminate to tabletops, fabric to foam for furniture, veneers on wood and flexible transportation flooring.

Call 1-877-774-8443 or Visit to Learn More
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Metal Parts Protection in Extreme Environments

Remove Bolts in Even The Most Extreme Environments with Loctite Anti-Seize Premium Lubricants. These lubricants are available in four formulas: Copper, Silver, Heavy Duty and Marine Grade and are designed to protect mechanical fasteners from the elements. Loctite’s new Anti-Seize with a brush top applicator makes applying this lubricant quick and easy. The one handed application is compact, portable and offers a clean, no drip application design.

Call 1-877-774-8443 or visit to get yours today.
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These TGC High Visibility, Superior chemical resistance ultra tough disposable gloves are designed to be:

• Extreme Puncture Resilience
• Latex Free - Vinyl Free - MBT Free
• Tough Grip Palms & Fingers
• Exceptional Comfort for Extended Wear
• Reduced Sweating Technology
• Defense NATO + NSN Numbered Gloves

Call 1-877-774-8443 or click to get a FREE sample and experience the difference the right glove can make.
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