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A little philosophy on what love can be about from my blog:

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I wrote a tribute to the greatest mentor I ever had, an incredible healer, a Renaissance man, Seymour Carter who I met at Esalen. His voice and friendship still echoes through my life, a year after his passing.

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My first +elephant journal article now published:

Take a looksee if you have 5 mins, and share if you find it useful!  Would love to hear your comments, too.

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Today I wrote a philosophy for (the) dance movement. Happy Day 13 of Birthdaynce! Here's the punchline:

Art is not something other people create.
Art is something we create in each moment. 
Every movement is holy, 
Every movement is inspired,
Every movement is art, and 
Every movement is shared. 
As we move from the inspired moment, we inspire others. 
As we share our art, we birth new artists.

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It took a four years to finally find that dream job:

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It's my pleasure to share a poem with you - it's a meditation I've practiced, disguised as a walk through life:

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I wrote a little poem for you about love and duality.

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My little myndless blog reached 11,111 pageviews! My New Year's resolution = write more. Help me!

So far...
Over 17 months, I took some risks, and wrote some crazy stuff. Nearly everything I published I was embarrassed about for one reason or another. But it turned out ok. And I wrote about a vast expanse of interconnected shizzle: death, forgiveness, pain, race, compassion, touch, identity, trauma, actualization, psychics, sensation, dance, muscle tension, dating, health, flow, yoga, intuition, and more. I still don't know how to answer the question, "So what's your blog about?"

How wuz it?
If you ever read any of my blog posts, I'd love to hear your feedback, positive and negative. What posts did you like? What posts didn't you like? What was unclear or poorly written? What styles worked best? You can respond here, or send me a private message. If you never read me, and you wanna do this brutha a favor, read a post. You can now pick your poison - check out the "recent posts" section on the right side for a picture index of all I've posted.

To come
What would you like me to write about? I'd love to hear your ideas. In addition, here are some things I'm considering: creativity and trance, zen driving, blind walking meditation, our relationship to dirt, un-quantified self, religions by attachment style, and seer-seen: a poem. If any of these sound interesting to you, let's talk. Much more likely I will write it if I can explain it to someone first.

Here's the link, kind peops:

Happy New Year!


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Touch, love, and our relationship to other bodies - my latest essay here -

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I'm blogging again after a long break.  Tried something a little new - weaving together three colorful stories from home.
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