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Running A Faery's Tale (with some Lady Blackbird thrown in) for my daughter and her cousins on our summer holiday. It was pretty chaotic but lots of fun!

How do I stop my vampires getting distracted?
I'm running a vampire-hunting steampunk campaign, but when the pcs come up against the high level vamps they use deceive create an advantage to say 'hey look over there!'
Normally you defend deceive with empathy but my vamps have got no empathy and end up easily distracted by the silliest thing.
It was fun to let the pcs have this advantage the first time they did it but it doesn't seem realistic to happen every time they meet Dracula or one of his friends.
I want to fight fair and play within the rules - could I justify vamps using will or notice to oppose this? Or just flat out raise the difficulty?
I don't want to cheat the players out of creative play but don't think vamps should be this easily distracted. Am I missing something? Thanks for your help!

Just looking for some help with the Fate Bronze rule. I'm running a vampire-hunting steampunk game in Victorian London. The pcs have to travel into abandoned undergound (subway) tunnels to find a disused station where the vamps are planning a terrible ritual.

I'd like to use the bronze rule to model their search through the tunnels for the lost station. What is the best way to do this?
If I treat the abandoned tunnels like a character I could give it aspects like Labyrinthine tunnels, The endless dark, Crumbling walls, Pocket of poisonous gas.
But is this a conflict, challenge or conflict?
I like the idea the pcs have to make investigate checks to find their way through, but do the tunnels make attacks in return? Does it create advantages? Do I need to use an initiative system? Should it have a stress track?
I just like the idea that the pcs will face some challenges in the tunnels and perhaps pick up some aspects like Exhausted or Fear of the dark I can invoke later.
I'm just not sure how to go about doing it.

Please help me make some vampires for my fate game! On page 157 of Fate System Toolkit it suggests using weaknesses and lesser weaknesses to balance out monster abilities - this looks like just the ticket, but the text doesn't expand on this or give much of an example of how it would work. Is this info elsewhere in the fate books? It would be nice to model 'aggravated damage' somehow from fire and sunlight. Just not sure what the best approach is. Thanks.

Help with Burglars please - our party has no thief to check for traps so are taking along a burglar. It says 'If a trap would be sprung while a burglar is leading the way the burglar suffers the full effects but the players get +skill against the trap and add the burglar’s skill to their armor against the trap. Most traps leave a burglar in need of immediate healing.'
Does this mean that burglars automatically set off a trap and suffer the effects? Seems like a hard way to make a living! Is this right? How else could you handle it?
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