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My state is chocolate fondue. I am so proud! 

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Something cute for Monday.

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Students at the college where I work are selling Candy Grams and Condom Grams. Something for everyone!

I left the grocery store and headed to my car. Aggh! I could see I'd left the lights on. What a dork! As I got closer, I noticed I'd parked in a handicapped spot. Oh! I'm such an idiot. When I was just a foot or two from the car, I could see the license plate.

Not my car.

Last night we went to see an updated version of "The Magic Flute." An actor took off the princess's shoe, massaged her foot, and rubbed it on his face. Of course he's the one who shook our hands after the show.

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“Hopefully the authenticity of our celebration this year will clearly illustrate why we should stop honoring a genocidal maniac.”

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While you pitch a tent, I'll set up this.

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Snort! (Excuse me.)

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I hope she took advantage of the opportunity and opened a gift shop.
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