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Cooked Yolk Mayonnaise
I grew up in a family that made all kinds of things from scratch. Biscuits, pie dough, bacon, sausage… But there were still things I had no idea about making. Mayonnaise was one of those things. As a soon to be high school graduate I became interested in tr...

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When The Smoke Clears
Wildfires have been a part of my life for as long as I can
remember. My grandpa was a private wild land firefighter, both my parents
fought fire before I was born and many of my cousins have worked on crews as
well. “Ahhh…the smell of money!” Was what my gr...

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The Little That I Know....
Today marks three years of marriage for AJ and I. What to tell you about that time… How to extract the important essence of our struggles and our joys? I wish I knew!  Instead I’m going to pass on something I’ve learned for every year we have been married: ...

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Butchering a Rabbit~ Part II: Eviscerating & Skinning
Go read Part I if you haven’t yet or if you need a refresher. Now we are going to start the real work of turning a rabbit into its constituent useful parts. Here are the materials you need from here on out: A Sharp short knife you are comfortable working wi...

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Knife Sharpening Emily Style
Alright, let’s just start this off by me saying I’m not any sort of expert when it comes to knife sharpening and this is just a crash course. My husband is a Knifesmith ( here's his Etsy shop and his Facebook page ) but I don't think I have much of an adva...

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Good News On the Horizon
If you saw my post on Facebook you know I have something exciting to tell you about.  I'm in a program at my college for first generation, low income and disabled students. It's there to give people who are least likely to finish college a hand up and a sup...

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Hand Pollinating Squash
Sometimes it takes the bees and such a little while to find your garden. If that's the case your plants that need some extra help in the love department might not set fruit. Never fear,with squash this is  something you can take into your own hands. Literal...

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To Shave or Not to Shave, 'Tis the Question...
Some of you may be horrified but hey, everything can’t be butterflies and rainbows all the time. So here goes: It’s been so long since I last shaved my pits or legs I can’t even remember when the last time was. And the time before that was just as long.  Fo...

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Spray Bottle Citrus Vinegar Cleaner
 As you have probably figured out, I'm all about saving money. Some of the ways I go about that without being the shopping dictator is by cutting down on food waste , making my own lotion , cutting out commercial shampoo ( so far so awesome! Don't worry, I'...

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Lazy Early Riser Soaked Bread
  I'm just going to come out and say it.  I have been fighting with bread for all of my adult life.  There were many dare I say, barely edible loaves when I first ventured into bread making on my own. Once I got past that stage, for months at a time everyth...
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