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Robert Hogg
I create things that help, entertain, or inspire.
I create things that help, entertain, or inspire.

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If I had Glass I'd be able to document some crazy dynamic aerial shots using my HoverCameras, kinda like this but while sliding/sailing/skimming/flying/jumping/spinning:



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On August 5th, in 8 days, a little rover named Curiosity will be landing on Mars - at 10:31pm! It is a unique event that the whole world will be watching.

I have been working on the project full time for four years, and if this landing goes well, we will have a mobile laboratory on Mars with which we can drive around and explore for at least the next two years. It is the most capable, complex robot that has ever been landed on the surface of another planet - by far!

Here is a video describing the exact communication situation as Curiosity lands and after.

Cheers, -R

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THIS is why Mars is tough. Great presentation by Stan Love, on all the different factors to get to low earth orbit, the Moon, and Mars.

It Does Take a Rocket Scientist! Stan Love Explains Why Mars is Hard.

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Seven Minutes of Terror, coming up on Aug 5th...
This gives the best idea so far of everything that needs to happen in those seven minutes, so that we can land this thing!

Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror

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Once a year the Jet Propulsion Lab opens it's gates to the general public and brings out all the cool stuff were working on for everyone to see. It has become quite an event with 40,000 visitors coming in over the two days.
This year the Open House is Sat and Sun, June 9th and 10th. I'll be there both afternoons driving our mobility test rover and answering questions.
Hope to see you there!

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"Here’s some good news, for a change: drifting around in our part of the solar system there are some 15,500 fewer asteroids than we previously thought that are big enough to wipe out a city."

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I'll be refereeing a giant robotics competition at the Long Beach Arena for the next three days.
If anyone would like to see sixty 5-foot 130-pound robotics flying around, come down any time on Friday or on Saturday before noon. Admission is free!

Here is a promo video that gives a flavor of the event:

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165 days until landing of MSL on August 5th!

Check this out to see where MSL is now in relation to the Earth, Mars, and the Sun!

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The updated version of our iPhone game, Samurai Sword Fight, is now available on the App store! Everyone go get it, it's free!!
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