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Division of Housing and Community Development
DHCD is the City’s primary housing policy and contracting agency.
DHCD is the City’s primary housing policy and contracting agency.

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FEATURED PROGRAM: Tenant Housing Counseling
In addition to general housing counseling, DHCD supports agencies (Liberty Resources, TURN, ActionAIDS, and agencies that serve seniors) that address the needs of specific populations.

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FEATURED PROGRAM: Settlement Assistance Grant
DHCD funds Settlement Assistance Grant to first-time homebuyers. The grant can provide up to $500 per household to help first-time Philadelphia homebuyers pay for closing costs. Includes free homeownership counseling. Eligibility requirements apply. #makingadifference #impactfunding #homeownership #community #affordablehousing

The 2015 Enterprise Green Communities Workshop
Where: One Logan Square, 130 North 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
When: Mon, 09/12/2016 - 9:00am - 4:30pm
By the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to discuss how sustainability can be a framework for achieving their project objectives, describe the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria and Certification process as it applies to their projects, and identify resources to assist with meeting their sustainability goals.
This worskshop is good for individuals participating in the planning, development, design, and construction of affordable housing properties. The audience will include but is not limited to development staff, architects, engineers, green building consultants, and construction managers.
You can register here:

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Featured Partner: United Communities
For the past 46 years, United Communities has carried out the original settlement mission to promote the educational and economic advancement of individuals and families within its host neighborhoods. #makingadifference #community

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Featured Partner: Strawberry Mansion Community Development Corporation
The Strawberry Mansion Community Development Corporation’s mission is to promote sustainable revitalization through residential, commercial and economic development, historic preservation and the empowerment of the Strawberry Mansion Community.
#community   #makingadifference  

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FEATURED PARTNER: New Kensington CDC received Elm Street Support

The Kens­ing­ton, Fishtown and Port Rich­mond neigh­bor­hoods have un­der­gone sig­ni­fic­ant res­id­en­tial and com­mer­cial re­new­als over the past four years through New Kensington ­CDC’s Elm Street Pro­gram including façade improvements, public safety and new streetscape design that includes street trees, lawns, street lighting and pedestrian-oriented features.

#impactfunding #community #makingadifference

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Featured Program: Elm Street
The Elm Street program is supported by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Keystone Communities program.

Elm Street strengthens residential blocks in older neighborhoods adjacent to commercial corridors.

Elm Street operates in tandem with existing commercial corridor revitalization programs. #impactfunding

DHCD is surveying Phila residents on housing&other issues.
Need 1.6M responses! So help us! Take the survey&repost! (The survey is available in English and Spanish)
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Featured Partner: Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations (PACDC)

PACDC is dedicated to advocacy, policy development and technical assistance for community development corporations and other organizations in their efforts to rebuild communities and revitalize neighborhoods.

Over the past six years, PACDC’s efforts have culminated in more than $120 million in new City and State resources for CDC affordable housing and neighborhood economic development. #makingadifference #community #impactfunding

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Featured Program: Capacity Building

The City supports capacity-building activities for Neighborhood Based Organizations (NBOs)working on neighborhood commercial corridors. Activities may include technical assistance with planning, corridor design, safety and management, real estate development, financial resource enhancement, financial management, board and organizational development, and services to immigrant businesses, as well as Main Street Training. #impactfunding
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