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Jesta - alt Power Pop musician
Alternative Pop Rock music artist from Morecambe, Lancashire, UK
Alternative Pop Rock music artist from Morecambe, Lancashire, UK


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It would be ace to stay in the top 100 this month, so please vote for me here if you would be so kind! You can vote every hour -

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Give this year, buy the UNICEF charity christmas single that I sang on, it's not really Christmas until you do!

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My current "in-use" guitars - all Line 6 Variax - there's a JTV-89, an acoustic 700 and a 5-string 705 bass. Much blackness! That's intentional - I'm planning on adding some logos to them at some point. #guitars   #line6   #variax   #acoustic   #acousticguitar   #bass   #bassguitar
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Ooh, the legendary Uriah Heep gave one of my songs a thumbs up! I am humbled by such praise!

Knocked another song-related item off the bucket list today. "Ferry Cross The Mersey". I wonder how many more I can fit in before I do " Highway to hell" or "Stairway to heaven"? I still really love Liverpool, every time I go I see new places I'd like to explore!

Time I bought some spare Bass guitar strings - it's been a miracle I've not broken any yet, what with all the gigs I've done with Hush!

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If anyone has tried to visit my music page recently you'll have noticed it was down. It's now fixed and back online.

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Back in the news again lol! Funny I managed to knock sailing off the list before the article was even published - 1 down 4 to go!

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What a beautiful morning! What more could you want? A new song? Oh, here you go then - something with a bit of a retro feel:
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