Using Google+ as my development blog?
Since quite some time, I want to start my own blog mainly focused
on development related stuff. This has two reasons:
1. As a reference for my self. How often did I end up with
"Damn you already solved this problem. But what was the solution?"
2. Giving the community back a tiny fragment of what I got from them.
Perhaps somebody will find something I post with my humble knowledge useful.
Ok actually I already have a blog, an empty one at blogspot,
so that doesn't count. :)
When Google+ started, soon the first voices raised and predicted it to become
kind of a blog killer. Ok maybe that is exaggerated but no matter the fact
Google+ invites for discussions and it has a very readable layout.
There I two problems which I currently face.
1. Long posts are not easy to maintain and read.
2. Very limited formatting options at the moment. I could probably live
without a table of contents and different font sizes, etc. Even with only
bold italic strikeout
you could format text. But having some code snippets will quickly become a
problem. Or so I think ...

So to my manageable amount of followers, let me know what you think.
(If I misspelled some or a lot of words incorrect please tell me. ^^)
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