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The only frontiers are in your mind.
The only frontiers are in your mind.

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Official recap of C# Corner Annual Conference 2017...

Had good conversations with other speakers and attendees during these days and got some inspirations and ideas for next #DevConMru, too.

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Managed to get small ABS casings for my Raspberry Pis, and gave it a personal touch...
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Looking forward to meet and talk to John O'Nolan, founder of Ghost. It's going to be an interesting session on entrepreneurship, open source software, product development and modern journalism.

#ghost #mauritius #journalism #community #opensource #nodejs

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Alright, I'm hitting the 1000 character limit on Meetup's comment feature...

Here's my take-away from yesterday's Code & Coffee session:

Despite some RSVP changes the night before, surprisingly and unexpected there were more people attending. Was great to meet with Vanessa and her husband to talk about the preparations of Developers Conference, also big Thank You for spreading the word and referring the event to other local companies. By coincidence, we had the chance to talk to someone from Agileum - was already on our list "To get in touch with".

And more people came... Bramdeo brought one of his colleagues and we had an interesting conversation about various local curriculum and the vocational state of education, specifically in the IT sector, compared to academia. Was really good and I expressed that Open Data would be a great enabler and facilitator to inspire and nourish the Mauritian IT scene. Also, given that Mauritius' lack of natural resources most probably is going to lead to people and knowledge-based services in the future. Open Data has a huge potential to sprout innovation and business here on the island.

Later on, it was great that Eric joined the meeting and we discovered that learning languages using Duolingo seems to be a new fashion among craftsmen.


Wow... what an intensive Code & Coffee session this morning. Here's my takeaway from it:

Today was "The Clash of User Groups" ;-)

Well, somehow... Was great to meet with members of MSCC, LUGM, and PHP Usergroup and talk preparations and potential involvement in this year's Developers Conference. I'm really grateful to have this opportunity to talk about how we can bring attention and participation to more IT people in Mauritius.

We talked a variety of ideas on how to improve the conference website, about who knows who and who could get in touch with which company and/or organisation. Really looking forward to catch up on those commitments during the next couple of days, and to see whether we are able to make the 3rd edition of the Developers Conference even better than the previous two years.

Thanks craftsmen for your ongoing support and effort! Keep on going and share your ideas, experience and knowledge among our members.

Cheers, JoKi

#Mauritius #MSCC #DevConMru

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New Year = New Developers Conference!

Right now, the Call for Papers/Speakers is open for your proposals and submissions. Any topic in IT is welcome, and we're looking for diversity.

A special shout-out to all female software developers, devops, and admins - Please be part of this year's IT event in Mauritius!

#DevConMru #Mauritius 
Showtime! We just opened the Call For Papers/Speakers form for the Developers Conference 2017 -

The website will be online during the next couple of days.

Sharing is Caring - so please don't hold back!

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Great inspiration and more schools should be willing to participate in such activities. Well done!

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Ohhh, that is just beautiful. Google Webdesigner.
Looks like another #Electron app :)

Geeh, I really hate those geo-blocking aspects of vendors. Still no #SuperMarioRun available for #Mauritius - Get it released, guys!

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Interesting point of view, and yes I agree it comes down to each single person not to litter the streets - at any time, not just during public events. But unfortunately, that's still a responsibility for the organiser to anticipate that there will be more rubbish than usual and hence to keep in mind to cater for increased number of bins, and arrange for an additional cleaning day with the local municipality. That should be part of the budget planning from the very beginning.
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