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Homemade Chicken Feed Gravity Feeder
If you've read through my posts then you know that I recently built a brand new chicken coop for my chickens. As of yet, I haven't moved my young hens (pullets) into the coop.  They just turned 5-weeks old this week, so I will be moving them to the coop thi...

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Brooder Water Problems
These are my pullets (one may actually be a rooster, but only time will really tell). They are 5-weeks old and still living in their brooder box. Lately I have been having problems with my these little girls either spilling their drinking water or completel...

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Farm Fresh Eggs
          We have decided to become urban farmers.....           Actually, we have decided that we would like to have some backyard chickens.  Fresh eggs would be a nice addition to our lives, and farm fresh eggs are MUCH better than store bought.  I should...

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Here's to a new beginning. Hopefully it becomes as profitable as it is fun.

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Attempting to make a hobby profitable
          I am a woodworking junkie by nature.  I have been working with wood since I was a kid in school.  It's in my blood.  I come from a long line of carpenters.  I was a carpenter myself for a large portion of my life, but thanks to the economy crash b...

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Pokemon Go!
Isn't it weird how something as small as a Pokemon game app can take over our mainstream media for weeks at a time?  We have an election coming up with two of the worst Presidential candidates the the United States has ever seen, but for the last week every...

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Sneaking and lying
I've been sneaking around and lying for the last couple of weeks now.  I've had good reason though. A few weeks ago a got it into my head to propose to my girlfriend.  Her birthday was coming up on June 22, so I figured I would pop the question on that day....

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Camping in style
Shortly after selling my girlfriends older Saturn Vue, we decided to use the proceeds to purchase a used camper.  I am a huge fan of the small vintage campers, but my girlfriend was dead set on something with a bathroom in it.  Most of the "smaller" vintage...

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We got a new truck
Well...... Truth be told, my girlfriend got a new truck.  This is my girlfriend Chrissy, and that is her new toy.  We had been discussing it for a long time.  I drive a newer Dodge Caliber and she was driving a 13-year-old Saturn Vue.  The Saturn was a dece...

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Summer is coming fast.....
I've been spending most of my free time over the past few weeks working in the yard. Summer is coming fast, so we installed a fourteen foot round, above ground pool in the backyard. In order to do this correctly I needed to lower the lawn by at least 6 inch...
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