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Ak hny menunggu karma,....ak gag pernah menyesalinya pernh mencintainya.meskipun ak yg selalu sabar dan disakiti oleh kedustaan janji,ucapan manis buayanya,perselingkuhannya.....hidupnya hny tuk mencari kesenangan dirinya....segalanya ak tlh berikan ,saat aku terpuruk hera meninggalkan ak....sungguh wanita gag pny hati dan berhati iblis
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 Here's one of our recent articles about using the adwords account structure to help you be successful in social media marketing
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2 comments  Many thanx for a great G+ PAGE.  Your philosophy of Integrating all the different aspects of social media marketing fits well with the #FUFISM   philosophy, and I will be following your page and adding the occasional post that I find interesting to the collection of shared posts that I publish to my audience through a variety of different channels. 

Google Add words is such a powerful marketing tool, and now that we have the Google Plus Post Adds thrown into the mix, things will begin to become clearer for those who have addopted an inclusive social media marketing strategy as you propose in your marketing here Benefits of Social Media -- Social Media Management for Small Business

+fufism  is and acronym for Functional User Friendly Integrated Social media, and also a marketing philosophy where the social media forms the core communication element in your marketing strategies which combines all your marketing efforts, both online and off line into one single well managed super charged marketing plan.
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