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I am renting my one bedroom condo on Capitol Hill. Need a new home?

wants to know why the ball of her left foot hurts. Too much time wearing wellies cuz of the rain? Probably...

why can't dinner fix itself?

earthquake did not harm the new plaster Will put on the walls. Awesome.

is still painting. These rooms will never be done.... on trim work at least.

had a lovely weekend with family in KY. I think the baby shower for my sister was quit successful.

ohhh I like the inverted scrolling....

nothing beats a BLT with home grown T & L. Tomorrow the bread will be home made too. Now, I just need to start raising pigs and all would be perfect...

thinks that a head cold as a souvenir from my UK trip is lame.

20 minutes of rain in DC at 3 pm on Wednesday makes me arrives in London at 1 am Thursday night. Not cool, DCA. Not cool.
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