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I have been having issues getting music to play from my device to ChromeCast using CloudPlayer. Songs will play great for maybe a dozen and then it will just stop for no reason.

Also second issue, I know that certain files do not play on Chromecast, and I have such media files and when the songs come up it locks up functionality, regardless if the next song is a working format, is there a fix for this or something that is being worked on? I'd like to continue shuffling through my media. Thanks.

Is there any plans to include the parallax effect that the pixel launcher looked to have. 

I haven't come across this but on beta 3, on Note 5, when I open the app drawer, the most used apps never changes and is stuck with just two apps. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and now just shows the first three apps. 

I noticed a difference in the updated beta. I use the Wallpaper Changer app, which works as a live wallpaper, but it rotates between different wallpapers. Previously, AL3 would change it's theme every time Wallpaper Changer would change the wallpaper. However now, I'm unable to get it to match the theme to the wallpapers being rotated.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app after a few days and now the extensions I had are gone and it keeps prompting me to purchase more slots when I've already had them before. Restoring purchases does nothing at all before I get told to do that.

Is there any chance we'll get a parallax effect, wallpaper motion effect, in AL3? The s6 and Note 5 have a built in feature and found it dynamic and fun to have set. Thanks. 

Still having the issue with double tapping all apps icon to get quicksearch, it'll randomly open app in drawer. 

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What is the current beta version available? I just reset my phone and I am not sure if I am on the beta version.
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