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Angie Burgess (Conveyable Flow Photo)
photographer + mom + liver of life
photographer + mom + liver of life

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a winter-spring promise
a letter to my son. and to you. Dear Bobby, You've been missing me at school the past few days, and although that makes my mama heart feel warm and loved and as you know I always miss you back, I also of course want your days to be simply wonderful. This mo...

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christmas eve {2015}
[Above: Reading Santa Mouse Meets Marmaduke on some other day. Below: Christmas Eve in the morning.] It's Sunday, it's the last day of the first month of the year, I haven't finished a piece of my own writing in at least ten weeks, and those feel like some ...

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first snow
Bob and I have this little "joke" we play out for impending winter weather. He gets this serious smirk trying not to smile face and says in his trying not to laugh voice something like, "Um, mom... I'm very sorry to tell you this, but..." and I'll start wit...

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the fifth year
So, I wrote this over a year ago. And I never felt it finished enough and never published it. And now here he is, S I X! Which will demonstrate for you exactly how far behind I am -- just one year and one week! At least we have a number on it! So here it is...

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happy (super extremely belated) birthday, america!
Because I said it was blogtoberfest... Because what's the point of taking all these photos if I don't share them... Because reliving summer makes me happy... And seeing these faces makes me smile... And because the day's not quite over yet {oops that was tw...

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Bob's first day of kindergarten
Happy October! Actually I'm calling it 'blogtoberfest' -- 31 days of bliggity-blogging, that's my goal. Feel free to call me out/wake me up if it's 11pm and I haven't posted yet. I'm sticking to it. (There is a pretty good chance that blogtoberfest is gonna...

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Live on the Lake in the Berkshires
We finally made it to Live on the Lake! (For the very last concert of the summer.) We've had it on our list to go but for one reason or another kept putting it off... so last night was our last chance, and nothing would stop us!  We met up with Ben after wo...

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happy birthday, gram + #waylatergram {a cali vacation post}
Ben's grandmother is celebrating her 93rd (ahem I mean 43rd!) birthday today!! Soooo.... in honor of "California Gram" I'm doing a little flashback blog of Cali vacation pics from January. I call these my "waylatergram" pics because they're from the little...

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a rare and precious treasure: maisy lou is one
Our girl, she's one year old. Actually she's now fourteen months just about, because I am that slow.  Almost two months slow.  And I am kicking myself -- so stinking mad at myself -- for not getting here more often to write about Maisy Lou and her first yea...

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how motherhood changes us
Why are children such a blessing? Because their little laughs and tiny voices and sweet faces fill our homes with so much joy. Because their cries and constant needs teach us compassion and selflessness. Because their mirroring personalities encourage us to...
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