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Hey guys, I am having an issue installing Antergos. With the latest ISO it seems that no matter what DE/WM I choose (except base) the install fails after downloading the packages. 

Are there any logs I can look at to try and trouble shoot the issue?

Two questions:

1. Is there a gapps package with just the play store only?

2. Is anyone else having issues with hotspot on Mako? I have reset data and formatted system and am using just the stock base and it errors out when starting.

Thanks in advance.

So I am a bit Stumped... I wiped my stock C710 planning to reinstall Lubuntu and give to my Girlfriend but the s9ryd script does not work. It will ask how much I want to partition to Lubuntu and reboot fine, but at the second run to actually install the system it runs through text (with no errors) says its finished in about 5 seconds, then reboots back to ChromeOS. I try again and the same thing happens. I even tried using cgpt to change the boot partition to Lubuntu but nothing happens.

Has anyone had this issue?

I can upload some photos if needed.

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Switched to KDE after a lot of Gnome issues... Liking it so far! May do a full reinstall though to get rid of all the un-needed stuff (Just faster to reinstall).

Sup guys/gals,

I am having an issue with the arrow keys in the terminal. When I use the arrows in the terminal to correct a mistake or what have you I get characters like so;

^[[A^ [[B^ [[C^ [[D^ - which are Up, Down, Right, Left respectively.

Anyone have this issue? Acer C7 btw.

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Google edition phone giveaway. Test your luck :)
Alright so you know how the Google Play Edition phones are US Only? Not anymore! I'm giving away one of these superphones. Your choice.

International Google Play Edition HTC One or Galaxy S4 Giveaway!

Feel free to +1/Share and get in on this!

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HA! My ass....
In the wake of NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s recent revelations, the Obama administration may be willing to backtrack on some of its more notorious surveillance policies, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) told reporters.

I cannot wait until RasPlex supports channels. Netflix on the raspberry pi along with my media and other online channels will make it the ultimate 35$ media client!

Just put 4GB of RAM and a 60GB SSD in my Acer C7 ChromeBook. Speed is a night and day difference from the 2GB and 5400rpm drive..

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My new toy.
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