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Hi all,
After a brief makeover, I’m back in action…Take a peep and see what's new smile emoticon
If your looking for different chicken curry this Tomato Chicken Curry might fit the bill.
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Dear Readers and Followers and Well-wishers,
I want to bring to your notice...We are Migrating from blogger to wordpress. You might experience few issues like links not working or format issues for next few days.We are learning and fixing issues.Please bare with us and sorry for any inconvenience caused. As always I hope you understand and support us through this process. Kindly let us know if you noticing any issues, Please contact us at if you are seeing any issues that you want to bring to our notice.The information you provide will be extremely hlepful for us. I promise I will post our experience with the migration so will be helpful for someone in future too.

Note: If any of your specific page/link you saved not working...please go to and search and go to the page once again and save them. This is because we noticed the URL used for pages by blogger and wordpress are different.

Thank you very much for understanding and for your continued support.
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