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Pradeep Soundararajan
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Sales tips for startup entrepreneurs
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Fake Agile - Test Consultant
I call myself a Fake Agile - Test Consultant. All consulting I have done in the space of Agile never exposed to me what some people over the internet seem to be talking about. When I first read the Agile Manifesto I was excited. It sounded a lot like Contex...
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They can do scrum butt, leaning development, or even kantban. 
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A test passes or fails through what?
pass 1 pɑːs/ verb 1 . move or cause to move in a specified direction. "he passed through towns and villages" synonyms: go ,  proceed ,  move ,  progress , make one's way,  travel ,  drive ,  fly ;  More 2 . go past or across; leave behind or on one side in ...
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2013 - the year of change
Happy New Year! For a very long time, I couldn't blog here ( or anywhere) . This has been the longest gap I have had in my blogging life. I thought I would not get back to this blog but thanks to Jokin Aspiazu, Mauri Edo, Issi Hassan and my fellow Hindustan...
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Vijay S
wish you too a very happy new year!
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Pradeep Soundararajan

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Loved the way information was conveyed. Thanks a lot for sharing. I shall incorporate this way of writing emails going forward. Kudos to you! :) 
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Have him in circles
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All testing done should be...
All testing done should be... Risk based : Caring to not  lose users, money, name, market share, brand value, customers, people Business driven : Focused on goals that business wants to achieve With care for users : really caring for them and not masturbati...
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Pregnancy Analogies - Part 2
We look at test case pass and fail to make shipping decisions There are pregnancy tests whose results turn out to be false positives and false negatives . In the pregnancy context, it would be very disappointing if the result is false positive or false nega...
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Hi Pradeep, I have gone through your post today in many places.I need your email id.


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Pregnancy Analogies - Part 1
Everybody is pregnant with ideas all the time. Women are gifted with a capability to be pregnant beyond ideas. In 2010, I had the divine opportunity to learn about pregnancy through my wife who was carrying our first child. I couldn't stop my mind from co-r...
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Pradeep Soundararajan

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If you know what I am talking about - go here right away and sign the petition. If you do not, read this: If you are my blog reader, you would know why ISTQB is a shame, a scam and faking its agenda...
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Have him in circles
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Director, Consultant, Coach, Tester, Writer, Speaker, Mentor & More
  • Moolya Software Testing Private Limited
    Director, Chief Consultant & Co-Founder, 2010 - present
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Tester Tested!

I co-founded and head Moolya Software Testing Private Limited. ( )

I have been an awarded thought leader, renowned author, invited writer and speaker around the world. Chuck all that, lot of people like me because they think I am a good learner, human being and a tester who can also teach others how to do it. My consulting stories, test reports and experience reports appear to have fascinated many ( just give you that impression ) people across the world. I have consulted for product startups, small & medium size software organizations, and multi billion dollar, euro and pound organizations, too. My Tester Tested! blog is one of the widely influential & read blogs in the industry.

My contribution to testing has been through educating, writing, speaking, test consulting, community development, open source testing, testing skills development, exploratory testing & rapid software testing. I have tested more than a  hundred products, at least half of them were paid projects.

I have also been fired fired from a large organization as they considered me as the worst tester they ever hired. I was finding bugs and they couldn't show 98% test case pass to the senior management.

I am humorous and there have been very few people who have not laughed to my humor :-P

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Bangalore - Bangalore - Nagpur - Trichy - Delhi - Malmo, Sweden - Copenhagen, Denmark - Toronto, Canada - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Singapore - Internet ( I am an immortal there :)