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Working on some super cool Google Home / Raspberry Pi integrations. I've been focused on getting the GH to take a command, send it down to the RPi to execute a script, and then take the output from the script and verbalize it via TTS on the GH. 

How does this watch get such huge battery life? It looks like it's much larger than a Pebble Time Round. Does it just have a massive battery compared with Pebbles?

Surrounded by impatient, rude, dangerous idiots on the road this morning. Fair warning Atlanta drivers of GA400, if you see an old Toyota Tercel and you decided to cut it off on the highway, you're doing it on camera and I'll publish your tag and video to Youtube.

I still think "Google Assistant" or "Google Home" are poor product names for their release. Cortana, Siri, Alexa... all give a personalized approach, like you're talking to someone or at least something that gives the illusion of a personality. Saying "Hey Google" just still sounds like I'm talking to a company and doesn't give that personalized experience. It's cold, and disconnected. I'd prefer to actually name my assistant.

I'm finding IFTTT slightly more useful lately. I really was struggling to find decent uses for it since it mostly appears people use it to keep social platforms in sync, and to move things to their Dropbox account. But I've found a few recipes that send me alerts on new cars posted on Craigslist, and keep a log of when I arrive and leave work.

I'm confused on the home-automation features of Google Home. Does it have a built-in hub for Z-wave/Zigbee communication? Or do I still need to buy a SmartThings hub to be the bridge between devices and the Google Home?

Another thing that Google Home needs to learn how to do: make and accept Google Hangouts/Voice calls.

Hey Google Plus! You're still here!

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Been a year since I've updated.  I still have the Jeep, but haven't driven it in quite a while.  Here's the short version. After it was repaired in my last posts, I ended up daily driving it to work for about 2 months.  It really sucked driving in the heat ...

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Sent the DJ off to the shop to get a new transmission, front king pins, and some other engine parts replaced. Drives good now.  Just need to figure out what the shop did to my wipers and turn signals now which don't work.
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