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Juan Pablo Lozano
Si juegas con el mejor, termina como los demas!
Si juegas con el mejor, termina como los demas!

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Estupidos y sensuales SOAP Headers xD

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Queria saber si es posible instalar GNU/Linux en una tablet/pc Bangho Aero x2 1104 Ya que no encuentro mucho por google. Gracias! 

+Solus is viable to implement a XFCE 32 bit edition of Solus OS for netbooks and older machines? is my doubt about this aspect for 32-bit survival war hahaha.

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Interesante... muy para tener en cuenta! :)

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Hi beautiful people!!! I need to ask something about Vala and GTK+... I'm trying to create an AppMenu without using granite, but without results. I've seen Gtk.Menu, Gtk.MenuBar, Gtk.ToolButton, etc. But I do not give it, can someone give me a hand with this?.
Thanks in advance!

+Ikey Doherty I'm recently test the latest version of Solus OS (2017.01.01.0) and the budgie desktop is really great!!! :) but i hate only one thing... In the panel, the apps buttons are not grouped by app (or al least I'm not finding this option) :(

Hi guys!!! i have a question... i recently acquired a netbook Acer Aspire One D255E with an Intel Atom Processor at 1,66 GHz, 1GB RAM, etc... I can install Solus in this machine? i hate the last versions of ubuntu, and RPM distros dont like me.
What do yo say?

Thanks for all!

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Para los que quieran iniciar en Quartz con aplicaciones Java EE.

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Para aquellos que necesitan tenerlo a mano :)
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