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Nam Do
The lucky guy that travels the world! ツ
The lucky guy that travels the world! ツ

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YouTube Accounts for 22% of Mobile Data Usage [REPORT]

Google Responds to Google+ Account Suspension Controversy


Attn EAv: My G+ is a blog! Because I said so...turn my G+ orange today!!! =)

{EAV_BLOG_VER:a7b795c09a8184c6} Hello #SocialEmpire! You guys ROCK the Avenue!!! ツ

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8 Crucial Elements of Startup Success via +Mashable News

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Been to Tahiti lately anyone?

Are You a Facebook Defector for Google+?

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Anyone ever visit North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii? Check out this article! #Travel

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Klout's blog has an interesting breakdown of API Employees at various companies like Google and Facebook. Take a look:

Connect your Foursquare accounts to Klout! Start checking in!!! ツ
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