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Susannah Anderson
Nature blogger, from Campbell River, BC, Canada.
Nature blogger, from Campbell River, BC, Canada.

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Just another perfect day.
It looks like summer has (more or less) arrived. Clouds and sail. Looking east, towards the mainland. A Skywatch post.

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Tiny whites.
It pays to stop and sit on the ground, to crouch down to an ant's level; standing tall, we miss so much! These white gems in Kin Park, for example. Field chickweed, Cerastium arvense, with Indian consumption plant. The larger leaves are Beach Pea, just gett...

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Crayon colours
At Kin Park, between the sandy beach with its log barrier and the mowed grass, lies a sandy meadow, dry and hot under the spring sun, wearing a patchwork cloak of yellow, purple, peach, pink and green. With red and black ants. Indian consumption plant, Loma...

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The mission: Claytonia
Comox is a beautiful little (pop. 13,000) coastal town half an hour's drive south from Campbell River. I got lost there twice in two days, and enjoyed every minute of it. I had been asked if I could collect seeds of the Pale Spring Beauty  I had found years...

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Everything but the kitchen sink
It's that time of year; everything's budding, leafing out, blooming, running, multiplying. And so are my "to be posted later" photos. Before I start processing today's batch (and what a day it has been!), here are this month's holdovers, in no particular or...

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Easy pickings
In the Campbell River estuary, two-inch-long fish, salmon or trout, were schooling. A great blue heron stood in the shallows, enjoying a hearty lunch. Caught another. His long crown feathers dance with each lunge. Watching for the next bite. From behind shr...

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Beautiful alien
Scotch broom is horribly invasive, toxic to animals, a fire hazard, and a killer of native plants. Besides which, it makes me sniffle and sneeze. But it is beautiful, for all that. Broom against the sky, Myrt Thompson trail. Broom zoom. When I was a child i...

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Red elderberry flowers.
Everywhere I look this week, I see red elderberry in bloom. Usually, it's on the far side of a tangled ditch, or in a mass of those nasty blackberry canes, or just beyond the devil's club. I broke off a small branch in a salmonberry patch, and brought it ba...

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Tiny, tiny. Tinier.
On a weedy playing field, cropped close, many miniature plants were in flower below the mower line. I collected one entire plant and brought it home. It was, roots to flower heads, less than an inch tall. The entire plant, with roots. I planted it in a clam...

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It's Mother's Day. There should be flowers.
It's mid-May, and our early spring flowers are finally appearing. These are black twinberry flowers. The fruits should be ready by July, although new buds will still be appearing until the cold weather sets in. Lonicera involucrata, on Tyee Spit. Two yellow...
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