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Susannah Anderson
Nature blogger, from Campbell River, BC, Canada.
Nature blogger, from Campbell River, BC, Canada.

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Gull on a cold piling
It used to be, all the pilings holding down the docks were wood, straight logs about two hand-widths across. They rotted, eventually. Now, many have been replaced by fatter, colder, metal posts. They'll rot eventually, too, just not as quickly. But they mus...

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Moody skies
Looking west over water on a winter afternoon, the view is rendered in blue, black, and grey, with sometimes a touch of orange.  Jan. 29, 3:10 PM. Campbell River estuary. Nov. 31, 2:53 PM, same location, with heavy rain on the way. And the same location in ...

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The cormorants
On a pair of rocks near the shore at the 50th parallel, a small flock of double-crested cormorants perches every day, whatever the weather. This Tuesday morning, the flock had doubled in size, and a couple had to make do with a smaller rock, just a stone's ...

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Red eye diver
Western grebe. Lone grebe, fishing off the end of the wharf. Back end. I see few of these grebes around here; I used to notice them more often back on the mainland, near Richmond. Cornell says their populations may be declining. Around 1900, Western Grebes ...

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Early morning: joined Trumpeter swan counters, walked 3+ km. Saw California sea lions swimming up the channel. On the way home, saw cormorants by the shore. Went home, grabbed camera, went to stalk cormorants down the beach until they flew away. Saw raft of...

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Lousy birding
I am a lousy birder. I love to watch them; I attempt, mostly unproductively, to photograph them; and I can't tell them apart without a book in hand. Oh, gulls are gulls, peeps are peeps, lbbs are lbbs. And bald eagles are bald eagles; those I know, even whe...

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Stranded Melibe
It looked like just a blob of faintly pinkish jelly abandoned on the sand, but when I bent to look, I saw that it was moving. Sluggishly, slower than sluggishly, but moving. When I touched it, it shrunk back into itself. Alive, and responding. Looks like a ...

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Immigrant stones.
It was low tide at Oyster Bay. And I looked at the ground under my feet. Big rocks, small rocks, stones. Looking east, across to the mainland. The rocks are rip-rap, brought in years ago to protect the bay, forming the outer leg of a U, and creating bird ha...

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Snow. Just snow.
Slogging through snow, I stopped to look at it. Just the snow, not the scenery. This is snow that has been rained on, smushed down, and then frozen hard. I thought the purplish colour I'd seen in previous photos would have been an aberration of my lens, so ...

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A hint of pink
The snow is gone. Rain pounded down all day yesterday, cleaning the streets, the lawn, my steep, slippery driveway (Yay!). All that is left are the mounds of muddy snow in the corners of store parking lots and beside the driveways of neighbours more ambitio...
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